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Two stripes down, four more to go!

Completing another novelist, and then some random stuff

June 28, 2012: Book Sale – SM Mall of Asia To the Ends of the Earth by William Golding (Php 75.00) – This is a trilogy, and although I do not like buying omnibus editions, I decided to give this one a go because I’m having a difficult time hunting a copy of Rites of Passage, the first part of the trilogy and Golding’s Booker winner. The other two parts are Close Quarters and Fire Down Below. Paco’s Story by Larry Heinemann (Php 17.00) – I’ve been vocal about not liking the NBA winners, but I can no longer help it. Besides, this is basically a giveaway. And look, Heinemann also authored another Close Quarters. What’s with that title? June 29, 2012: NBS Bestsellers – SM North Edsa When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro (Php 549.00) – My third Ishiguro book. This is also the second book in my striped collection. I chose these editions of Ishiguro books to collect because they look so sleek, and they look good when stacked together. So yes, …

Some rare, some repeated

A couple of rare encounters and repeated ones

I mentioned that I’ve been buying books for my friends recently. I’m not that selfless, really, for I also bought books for myself. The past week was a great one for book hoards, and here are what I got from the various sale bins that I visited: June 11 – Book Sale – Cityland The Complete Stories of Flannery O’Connor (Php 115.00) – My breath was literally taken away when I saw this. I already have her other collection of stories, A Good Man Is Hard to Find, but this is book here is the complete collection. It’s also a National Book Award winner. I know, I am not a big fan of that award, but I am a fan of O’Connor’s short fiction. June 15 – Book Sale – Market! Market! Darkness Visible by William Golding (Php 145.00) – A nice copy! And it’s been years since I read Lord of the Flies, which I really like. But really, the next Golding that I wish to read is his Booker-winning Rites of Passage, so …

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies – William Golding

Intro This is the book that me and my friend call “The Book That Cannot Be Named.” It is currently in my Top Ten Books of All Time, although it is now standing on shaky grounds because my current read is impressing me big time. Anyway, why is it that we gave it that name? A better book title? No. It’s for the simple reason that my friend hates it to the bone. He can’t believe that I love this book. He thinks it’s an utter waste of time, lacking any literary aspiration at all. He even wonders what is wrong with the Nobel for making the author a laureate. So we always fight about the merits and demerits of the book. And we fight with such ardor. Thus, it is indeed the book that cannot be named lest our friendship goes kaput. The Rhapsody I always tell my friend that the beauty of this book lies in the inspection of the society through a group of marooned boys. He would say that yes, yes, …

Close Quarters – William Golding

Who bought it: Jonathan, who already gave me a lot of books. And I haven’t read a single one of them. But a book is still a lovely gift. This is my first book from him for this year. What is it: I have no idea. I didn’t bother to read the blurbs because I was too engrossed with my copy of War And Peace. Wait, I am not even sure now if there are blurbs at the back. When: February 6, 2011 Where: I don’t know where he got it. Book Sale maybe. Why: He said he is giving up on Nobel winners. And he hates Lord Of The Flies. He abhors it down to the bone. How much: Free.