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The LSS Book List, Part 3

Visit the The LSS Book List page for more information about this post. The Gathering by Anne Enright (2007, M) – Liam commits suicide and his surviving siblings gather for his funeral. Veronica, the sister closest to him, goes back to their family’s history to understand what led Liam to take his own life. As she discovers ugly truths about her family, she also discovers many truths about herself. I consider Veronica as one of the most unreliable narrators ever, but at least she arrived at some truth. Gimpel the Fool and Other Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer (1957, H) – Gimpel is a baker. The town calls him a fool because of the things that his wife makes her do and believe. More stories in this collection also talk of characters with modest professions. Some stories have religious overtones in them, so one shouldn’t be surprised if angels and demons appear to interact with the characters. God of Carnage (Le Dieu du carnage) by Yasmina Reza (2008, H) – Two kids have a fight in the …

The Gathering by Anne Enright

It’s not evil to describe a flaccid penis – The Gathering by Anne Enright

The narrator is Veronica. She is middle-aged, married, with kids, and says penis a lot. I wouldn’t have noticed the last detail had I not been warned by a friend, asking me to count the word penis. Not that the narrator is sexually deranged, it just so happened that she watches her husband sleeping naked and describes it, and remembers her brother Liam peeing an arched piss and describes it. There is nothing sexually notorious, except for one wriggling memory that may have affected her brother’s behavior before he died. And this memory is something that Veronica could not even conjure without raising the demons of doubt altogether. No, it happened this way. No, it was like this. No, I am not sure that it happened. Liam’s death necessitated the gathering of the eight surviving siblings, including Veronica. In this novel, Veronica rethinks her life to find out the truths that ultimately led to his brother’s death. This did not prove to be an easy task, and whoever said that it’s nothing, it’s fine, must …

TFG Christmas Party Gifts

Holiday Book Gifts

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over. Gifts have already been opened. For book lovers and book hoarders, piles of books that will probably be stocked on the shelves must have been wished for and granted. And life resumes to normal programming. But before all that, let me just list down the books that I got during the holiday season. Some of these I bought for myself, some given to me, and some I wished for. First is my set of J. R. R. Tolkien books, The Lord of the Rings series plus The Hobbit. The last two of the LOTR series were given to me by my office best friend during our Christmas Party last December 16, 2011. She, or rather we, couldn’t find the first installment, so I had to hunt for it online. Fortunately, I found one at It was delivered last December 23, 2011. I didn’t realize that these used trade paperback editions are hard to find as one set. The Hobbit was given to me by my team mate …

The Gathering – Anne Enright

Date Started: April 18, 2011. 3:15 AM. It is the worst-rated book in my current to-read list, according to the ratings at GR. However, that did not dissuade me from reading it. It is just a little annoying that the protagonist went on at great length to describe the meeting of the supposed lovers of 1925 then end up by saying that they did not end up marrying each other. Tragic, but there must be some reason that such details are indulged to the reader.