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The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

An age I don’t want to live in – The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

I know I am incurring some form of literary sacrilege by failing to appreciate this novel. I remember reading this holding my breath at every stop of a conversation because I feel that the characters are holding their breaths as well lest they do something against their will, rather, something against the expectations imposed on them by their society. You see, the characters are rich New Yorkers who visit each other in carriages or who invite each other to posh parties. It is like excerpts of the parties and dinners from Tolstoy’s War and Peace, only that the times are different: this is set on the years between two centuries. They say that the only people who could write the highest form of literature are those who came from extreme poverty or high-end aristocracy. Wharton comes from the latter. So is this novel a high-end literature? Sure, it’s a Pulitzer winner, but I don’t know. I just don’t dig it. Probably because I find novels about the rich a little empty? We could not blame …

Best of 2011

The Best And The Worst Reads Of 2011

Again, I am taking a break from the weekly book write-up to sort of honor the best books that I have read this year. There are already a lot of book blogs with similar posts, and I am tempted to pattern my best and worst list from some. I chose not to because I know I would never finish this post. So what I did is that I thought of a pseudo-award for each book included in my list. Let me just state for the record that 2011 is the most voracious reading year in my life. Ever. Hurrah! That’s 52 books, if you want to know, which is more or less one book a week. I hope to do an encore next year. Or even beat this record. Below is the list of books that I gave five stars, in alphabetical order. They are 12, so I might as well call them The 12 Books of 2011. Titles with an asterisk (*) are books that are in my Top 5. Without further ado here …

The Age Of Innocence – Edith Wharton

Date Started: May 8, 2011. 11:45 PM. My room. My edition has an introduction. Reading it reminded of that voluminous novel of Tolstoy, War and Peace. And when I got to the first chapter, it felt like rereading War and Peace! The opening scene was at an opera. High society people were talking about this person and that person. Already, I felt challenged. I was about to draw the family tree of the great and ruling families mentioned in the society of old New York, but I decided not to. I just kept my focus on the main characters.