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Audiobooks synced to my phone

Some updates regarding my so-called reading life

I’ve started reading books again and I have audiobooks to thank for it. With audiobooks, I can now play games while listening (grinding doesn’t require mental powers). And if you’re curious what audiobook I listened to since my reading hiatus, it’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix narrated by Stephen Fry. And no, I didn’t pick it up because of The Cursed Child. I picked it up because of my book challenge. The book bingo, remember? It’s for my Fantasy square. Advertisements

2016 Books, #1

2016 Books, #1

I usually take pictures of my book hauls and then post them on Instagram. That’s what I want to do when my latest arrived, except that I don’t have Instagram on my phone anymore. Should I reinstall it? The temptation was too strong but I got over it as soon as I opened the WordPress app. Am I being too hard on myself for going cold turkey on social media apps? Anyway, these books are from a bookish friend who runs Bookulaw, a Facebook store for new and used books. I’ve had three of the four books here reserved for months, so I yeah, I reminded myself to pay for the books despite my (weak) resolve to stop hoarding this year. Burn This Book, edited by Toni Morrison (Php 200.00) – a collection of essays about books, writing, and literature. There’s something by Auster, Gordimer, Rushdie, Updike, Pamuk, and Morrison herself. The Collected Stories of Deborah Eisenberg (Php 340.00) – after being disappointed by some National Book Award winners, I’m considering collecting PEN/Faulkner winners instead. Interestingly, …

Book Report: December 2015

Book Report: December 2015 + Reading Goals and Resolutions + The Best and the Worst

Hello, 2016! It’s so refreshing to start on another blank slate. Goal setting must be pretty common in the bookish blogosphere; they’re ten a dime for sure. So yeah, here’s another list of bookish and not so bookish goals and resolutions for you. But before that, let’s get the monthly report out of the way. I’m going to cut the chase short; I didn’t finish any book last month. In fact, I didn’t read anything. But I did get a few new books A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James – a gift from H. Thank you! I hope to guess the Booker winner again this year. [December 4] Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman – I just have to get my own copy! [January 2, Book Sale – Walter Mart Munoz, Php 145.00] Howl and Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg – a gift from Tin. Thank you! I would like to think that this is a thoughtful gift (we both like the film Kill Your Darlings). [December 5] The Story …

Book Report: November 2015

Book Report: November 2015

The last month of 2015 is here! Already, I’m making blogging plans and resolutions for 2016. What plans? Uhm, nothing solid. Heh. What resolutions? The usual. Ugh. Post book reviews as soon as I finish reading books (this is a book blog after all). And you know what? Each year, I fail again and again at it. Not a breaking news item, but I just want to put it out there anyway. No shame in it. It’s a common thing among casual book bloggers, I believe. For me to be able to stick with this single resolution, maybe I should give up following review structures and forget about the pointers that professional critics give on writing good book reviews. Not totally, but I’ll stick more to my voice and let it take its own course. Let the book rhapsodies flow naturally! I’ll also keep them short and simple. Shorter and simpler, yes. The Internet breeds volatile attention spans, so yeah, it is good idea to adapt. Let the NYRB columnists do the expansive 5k-word reviews (of which …

Book Report: July 2015

Book Report: July 2015

This is a ho-hum month. I did finish a couple of books but that feels like months ago. I guess that’s because of my fourth moderating stint at our book club. The online discussion is on full steam so I’m not really getting much reading done. Well, yes! I’ve moderated a book discussion for each year since we started these face-to-face discussions. I would have liked to sit out for a year but I get restless just trying to make the thought settle in my head. Books Finished: Austerlitz by W. G. Sebald – Mesmerizing. I keep putting off a review because the haunting feeling is too much (let’s not get started on the review backlog). 5 out of 5 stars. Neuromancer by William Gibson – They say that this is a science fiction must-read because of how it saw the Internet’s future. Really, now? Bleech! 1 out of 5 stars. The Quiet American by Graham Greene – Our book of the month. I’m going t read more of Greene’s books. 4 out of 5 stars. Ubik by Philip K. Dick – …

Book Report: June 2015

Book Report: June 2015

It’s the middle of the year (tomorrow to be exact). It’s a good time to look back on what happened so far in 2015 and to reassess any reading goals, projects, and challenges that we have embarked upon. Below are some of mine: My Goodreads Reading Challenge of 52 books tells me that I’m on track, which pleases me because I haven’t read a lot back in the first quarter and my efforts to catch up in the second quarter paid off. The Year of Reading the NBCC is slow but I hope that it will pick up some pace this quarter. My 2015 review backlog is piling up, but I will try to resolve that. That includes both reviews for my blog and The Short Story Station. I’m always writing reviews in my head during commutes but when I get home, I change clothes, lie down, and play some mobile games. Then read. Books Finished: Drown by Junot Díaz – Because I went to the beach and I thought the title was so apt. …