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Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Middlesex – Jeffrey Eugenides

Intro When I first heard of this novel, I thought it would be about town life. I think there is a place called Middlesex. I imagine it is a British suburb, somewhere in the outskirts of England. I asked my cousin, who was then in Japan, to buy me a copy of this. Why would I ask someone to buy me a book without even knowing what the book is about? The book being a Pulitzer winner is my only reason. Anyway, months later, when she sent our grandma some goodies, I got my copy of the book. I instantly realized then that this is not about my imaginary town of Middlesex. I gathered that on the book cover. It is the picture of someone inside a flower. And what do flowers connote? Yes, they are parts of a plant, but if you hear sex and flowers, you wouldn’t be thinking of botany. I even thought it’s a gay-themed book, because of the word middle. So what is it really? The Rhapsody It’s about hermaphroditism. …