Book Rhapsody is a blog about the books that I have read, I am reading, and I plan to read. It is an attempt to capture the experiences I had while reading and recalling those books.

This blog does not attempt to be a blog about professional book criticism. It seeks to share the thoughts, views, insights, opinions, experiences, and lessons that I was able to gather during and after reading the books that are blogged about. Thus, it is a blog that ultimately aims to increase the reading activities of people.

Beware, since the upcoming blog entries will be purely subjective. Also, spoilers about the books could be abundant. Under any circumstances, feel free to discuss anything relevant to this blog with the author by commenting on the posts.

If you need to contact me, send me an email at angusmiranda at yahoo dot com. I may or may not respond.


  1. Well, you’re composition looks professional to me. With that, you leave me with high expectation of your book reviews.

    Keep it up! :]


    • Hi, yes, I remember your name from Goodreads. Thanks for following! I hope I can keep you, uhm, entertained with my book rantings. :D


  2. Hi Angus, did you by any chance see the email I sent you last week ? the email address had the name heenandavies included in it
    I’m just concerned in case it went into your spam folder


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