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The birthday giveaway tradition lives on! But I’m running out of gimmicks. And I’m not exactly in a mood to celebrate. In fact, I just intend to watch as many Mad Men episodes as I can while eating food that I should avoid when I hit the mid-30s. Or if it gets too hot, I’ll run to the nearest coffee shop and finish the book that I’m currently reading, which is something that would let me mark a square on my book bingo card. Hmm.

In case you are disoriented, today is my birthday and I’m running a giveaway. The prize is a USD 20.00 book of your choice from The Book Depository. You get a chance at winning the prize by giving me book recommendations for the following categories lifted from my book bingo card:

  • Erotic fiction
  • Speculative fiction
  • Set during a holiday
  • About movies
  • About music

I want compelling recommendations. You have to convince me, even in a few words. Or you can refer me to links of your reviews, if you have any.

Let’s set a minimum of one and a maximum of three per category. I’ll let this contest run for a week. I’m excited to see what you have to recommend. Thanks in advance!



  1. I would love to help you out on your Bingo card but I am also having problems with mine (we have several identical squares), haha. Happy birthday, Angus! <3


  2. Happy Yesterbirthday Angus! And it looks like you did, had a happy birthday, I mean. Mad Men binge watching, forbidden food, reading…sounds like a solid birthday to me!

    I too have erotic fiction (yipes!) and about music, And coz I am a gveaway whore, I will get back to the recommendations list. Hahaha. (can I recommend a title I haven’t read yet?)


  3. pat says

    Happy birthday, Angus!

    Even though I already won last year, I would still make some recommendations because we’re friends who’ve shared the same bed and I’m greedy. I don’t care to win but here goes:

    Movies – I’m not sure if you only want fiction recommendations but in case you’re open to NF, I highly recommend Anthony Lane’s Nobody’s Perfect. I hope this counts as a why: He’s my favorite film critic because his reviews read more like rambly essays rather proper film reviews and for me, proper reviews are not a joy to read. Astute, smart and funny.

    Music – I know you’ve read High Fidelity so I’m going to suggest that other Nick Hornby novel about music, Juliet Naked. Read my childish review: https://holdencaulfieldisms.wordpress.com/?s=juliet+naked. His other book about music, 31 Songs/Songbook is also very good. I like the Aimee Mann essay in particular.

    Anyway, happy happy birthday!


  4. Recommendations Time!

    Erotic Fiction
    Les Liasons Dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos – The title itself sounds deliciously sexay. And who is more romantic than the French? No one. And who is naughtier than the French nobility? No one. Words like desire, intrigue, seduction, game, and scandal are thrown around in reference to this book. Perhaps we’ll learn a thing or two about how to woo a la francaise, oiu? Oiu!
    Speculative Fiction
    The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Attwood – Okay so last month I read Attwood’s The Penelopiad, which is part of the Canongate Myth series (->which I discovered thanks to you! ->a little sucking up hurts no one. Hohohoho.), and I really enjoyed her writing style, her humor is deliciously dark. I doubt THT is as funny as The Penelopiad, but I think you will enjoy Attwood’s writing style, it is witty and no-nonsense and very gloom-and-doomy
    Set during a Holiday
    The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer – Summer camp for the arts! How hipstery, fancy-shmancy, artsy-fartsy is that?! I have never been to camp. Let alone an art camp. Anyway, this one follows a group of 6 friends, first coming together as an inseprable bunch one time at arty fartsy summer camp, and then continues on all through their middle aged years. What fascinates me about this premise is the whole idea of what the passage of time does to friendships. Choices are made. Opportunities accepted and passed on. Circumstances changed. Sound “Interestings” no? Aaaah my gaaawd. Forgive meeee.
    About Movies
    The Wes Anderson Collection by Matt Zoller Seitz – Okay, I saw this in Fully Booked and drooled over it. I know you appreciate Anderson’s visual flair and his droll humor. And I think this is such a beautiful, gem of a book that feels like you have in your hands the wonderful, candy-collered, geometrically proportioned world of the genius that is Wes Anderson.
    About Music
    Bel Canto by Ann Patchett – I can’t say whether I am a fan or not of Opera considering that I haven’t acutally been to one. And until I do, I will be content with experiencing it through Bel Canto. Julia Roberts burst into tears after seeing an opera in Pretty Woman. Maybe she’s onto to something? That and because the premise sounds plenty interesting. A hostage crisis turning into a cultural experience, and the blosoming of all sorts of relationships, so much so that the terrorists and the hostages have become quite happy with their lives inside the home where they are being detained. How weird is that?

    Bow. :)


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