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2016 Books, #4

2016 Books, #4

I had these books delivered to my work desk last March 15 but I’ve only opened the package a week later and only now did I remember to post about it. Strange, isn’t it? Why would I not immediately open a package of books to touch them? And read the blurbs, peel off the sticker price tags, stare at the covers, smell their pages, stack them at a corner of my desk, take a photo of them, post them on my blog?

I had a terrible week. Weeks. I didn’t even have a nice vacation during the Holy Week. Yes, I spent the glorious holidays at the office but don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mind going to work, which was another strange thing. I just wanted to be distracted, and work proved to be a welcome distraction, something that books, not even new books, were capable to be at the moment. I hope that’s the last of the strange things I’ll be having this month.

Today, I took a day off because of the overtime hours that I did last week. And I’m not feeling super. I felt a little feverish last night but a dose of paracetamol made me feel okay this morning. Now, I just want to do mindless things, and after doing mindless things, I just want to read somewhere where no one will bother me.

Of course, this is too much personal information for this blog, but the point that I’m trying to make is that books alone, at rare instances, are not capable of giving me the boost that I need. Perhaps nothing can ever be a super antidote to our troubles, but surely, time can help (and brooding and talking about your feelings and meeting old friends and trying to keep your sanity and crying), but that will only be realized when the worst has already happened. And when you are at such an instance, it’s best, at least for me, to put all bookish activities on hold.

Which should mean that things are shaping up again, for I’m ready to list down the latest books that I got from Bookulaw.

  • Blue Nights by Joan Didion (Php 260.00) – This should probably complement The Year of Magical Thinking.
  • A Book of Memories by Péter Nádas (Php 400.00) – I just like the title. Silly, I know, but the author seems like a respectable one.
  • North by Seamus Heaney (Php 200.00) – The reason I broke my book shopping moratorium. I’m actually not a huge fan of poetry but I’ve bought collections once in a while, in case I acquire the taste for it.

Free coffee bookmarks, as always.



  1. Hope things start looking up soon. I had a rough start to the year, personally and book wise but feels good now that I seem to be getting back into the groove. Take care of yourself.


  2. I’m feeling the same way since the start of 2016, though probably for very different reasons. Must be why I also haven’t bought a lot of books lately. Though I’ve found that reading mindless fantasies kept me from dwelling on my troubles too much.

    Oh well…hope things look up soon. In the meantime, think about your amazing book recommendation for me! Hahaha!


  3. Hi Angus! I agree that sometimes there are stuff that not even our love for books can remedy. I hope things will continue to get better at your end. :)


  4. I know how you feel! It sometimes feels as if life is nothing but an endless procession of days of wanting to get rid of your adult acne and looking for jobs in a foreign land and misery, and even books can’t make you want to stay alive. Then, magically, it gets better somehow and books are great again!

    I hope you feel better soon and feel better often.


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