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2016 Books, #3

2016 Books, #3

Siglo: Freedom (Php 300.00), is for our graphic novel discussion in March at the book club. It’s a collection of “grafictional” stories about freedom in its different forms (“siglo” means “century,” by the way). One of its editors, Dean Francis Alfar, is quite popular in the local literary scene. I haven’t read him myself but some of my friends have good things to say about him, particularly about his works on speculative fiction.

I saw a variety of styles in the artwork after scanning the book. I don’t know how to work with graphic novels since I rarely read them but I’m excited. This should be fun.

So you see, I’ve only been buying books that I have to read immediately, which I guess is a good thing. And lately, I rarely feel the itch to shop for books. The last time I experienced it was so mild that I decided to go home when I’ve only scoured half of the shelves of one book store. This doesn’t feel like me but well, things change, even habits that you think are hard to break.

And oh, Happy Leap Year!



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