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2016 Books, #2

2016 Books, #2

My copy of The Narrow Road to the Deep North (USD 13.14) arrived at a perfect time: on a weekend when I have nothing to do but stay put at home. I was starting to worry that this would be delivered by February. I had to have it ASAP because it’s our book of the month. And I’m not a fast reader. So when I got out of our office, I surreptitiously eyed the deliveries stocked at the ground floor reception area. I noticed the familiar Book Depository package. I asked the guard on duty if the package was for me.

Of course it was. In the course of my stay at our office, it seems that I’m the only one who has ever had deliveries from TBD. Yes, I always check out the deliveries at the reception area whether I’m expecting one for myself. I hope I’m wrong because it’s quite sad if I were the only person who works in a building with 35 floors and who orders books online.

After a reading slump that lasted for two months, I’m back on the reading road again. I’m not yet done with the book that I’m reading now but I’m excited to start Richard Flanagan’s Booker Prize winning novel (I’ve already read a couple of chapters on but I wasn’t feeling it on an electronic copy). I don’t have problems reading books concurrently, so long as there are only three, tops.

I won’t keep this long. Happy Friday Reads to you!



  1. I’ve started to get books delivered to work too – its a way of sneaking them in the house so my husband doesn’t notice I’m in buying mode. I have the Narrow Road to read soon too


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