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2016 Books, #1

2016 Books, #1

I usually take pictures of my book hauls and then post them on Instagram. That’s what I want to do when my latest arrived, except that I don’t have Instagram on my phone anymore. Should I reinstall it? The temptation was too strong but I got over it as soon as I opened the WordPress app. Am I being too hard on myself for going cold turkey on social media apps?

Anyway, these books are from a bookish friend who runs Bookulaw, a Facebook store for new and used books. I’ve had three of the four books here reserved for months, so I yeah, I reminded myself to pay for the books despite my (weak) resolve to stop hoarding this year.

  • Burn This Book, edited by Toni Morrison (Php 200.00) – a collection of essays about books, writing, and literature. There’s something by Auster, Gordimer, Rushdie, Updike, Pamuk, and Morrison herself.
  • The Collected Stories of Deborah Eisenberg (Php 340.00) – after being disappointed by some National Book Award winners, I’m considering collecting PEN/Faulkner winners instead. Interestingly, this collection beat Jennifer Egan’s Goon Squad, which was the front-runner of major awards during that year.
  • Democracy by Joan Didion (Php 220.00) – Joan Didion, of course. Shamefully, I haven’t read Didion since Play It As It Lays which was maybe three years ago.
  • The Whispering Muse by Sjón (Php 220.00) – I haven’t read anything by this guy but I like the cover design of his books. And he’s from Iceland for whatever it’s worth. He’s friends with Bjork, I think. And hopefully with Sigur Ros and Olafur Arnalds.

The books come with these nice bookmarks, which I think are Starbucks coffee labels.

Bookmarks from Starbucks.

Bookmarks from Starbucks.

Free shipping, too. Not bad!



  1. Oh hey, The Whispering Muse! Although I wasn’t quite over the moon about it, but yeah it will give you an idea of Sjon’s writing style. I haven’t tried any Joan Didion. I think I have an ebook of The Year of Magical Thinking? Hmmm, am not sure. How is she like though?


    • She writes with a surgical knife. Her words incise so bad. Magical Thinking is her memoir about her hubby’s death. I’m not ready for that, haha!


  2. Those bookmarks are pretty cool! I always tell the people at the local stores not to give me bookmarks. For some reason they put them in every purchase no matter how many times you go and it always just feels a little bit wasteful. Those you got are interesting enough I’d probably hold on to them and use them. Mostly I just use my business cards.


    • I suspect those are recycled so they are not wasteful. I have a favorite bookmark and that’s what I always use. I might find some use for these though.

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