Month: December 2015

Book Report: November 2015

Book Report: November 2015

The last month of 2015 is here! Already, I’m making blogging plans and resolutions for 2016. What plans? Uhm, nothing solid. Heh. What resolutions? The usual. Ugh. Post book reviews as soon as I finish reading books (this is a book blog after all). And you know what? Each year, I fail again and again at it. Not a breaking news item, but I just want to put it out there anyway. No shame in it. It’s a common thing among casual book bloggers, I believe. For me to be able to stick with this single resolution, maybe I should give up following review structures and forget about the pointers that professional critics give on writing good book reviews. Not totally, but I’ll stick more to my voice and let it take its own course. Let the book rhapsodies flow naturally! I’ll also keep them short and simple. Shorter and simpler, yes. The Internet breeds volatile¬†attention spans, so yeah, it is¬†good idea to adapt. Let the NYRB columnists do the expansive 5k-word reviews (of which …