Month: November 2015

Book Report: October 2015

Book Report: October 2015

There’s not much to report on since I only managed to finish one book last October. Great. So am I going to kiss my Goodreads challenge goodbye? It says I’m five books behind schedule, and I’m not making a lot of progress with my current reads, which are both heavyweights. Perhaps I can pick up a handful of skinny books for the remaining months of the year just so I can make it through. Consider that cheating if you like, but really, I don’t think book length is an issue. I could read a stack of lightweights and exceed my goal of 52 books, but I don’t think I can anyway. The issue is that I’m not that inspired to read a lot lately. There are a lot of things that distract me now. I’ve reverted to my eight-year-old self: playing computer games and watching gymnastics videos. I’ve already discussed my addiction to games lately, so let’s skip that. And yes, I so wanted to be a gymnast when I was a kid. I wanted …