Month: September 2015

Book Report: August 2015

Book Report: August 2015

Whenever I’m the assigned discussion leader of our book club, I don’t get to read a lot. It’s not supposed to be that way but still, I could only focus my energies on one book. The Ubik book discussion took place more than a week ago. It was a fun book to talk about because you get to throw around all these theories on what really happened without fearing that you’ll be incomprehensible. And that’s because all theories are acceptable; the book doesn’t offer one single conclusion. So now that my moderating duties are done, I should be catching up on my reading back log, yes? Unfortunately, I’m not. It’s not that I can’t read or don’t want to read. It’s just that I’m distracted with games. Gosh. Let me go off the bookish track here. Ever since I learned that there’s going to be a remake of Final Fantasy VII, one of my favorite Playstation games, I just couldn’t stop thinking of those early teenage years when I studied strategy guides instead of my lessons and I …