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Your Questions, My Answers, and the Winner

31 is a centered pentagonal number. It is also the 4th lucky prime.

First, thanks to everyone for their birthday greetings and wishes through social and telecommunication networks. I am really touched by your gifts and surprises. Why do you do this to me? Yay!

Second, thanks to the participants of this year’s birthday contest and giveaway. Please note that the early part of the recording mentions that there are five participants. However, a new participant went through while I was answering the fifth set of questions. So do the math: 5 + 1 = 6. Yay!

Here is the recording:

I know it’s a long one, so here are the jumps if you are in a hurry:

00:00 – Intro and Participant 1

  1. Who would you rather have dinner with: Knut Hamsun or Jose Saramago?
  2. What do you honestly think of fanfic?
  3. What is your favorite movement in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony?
  4. Ang uod ba, pag namatay inuuod?

05:35 – Participant 2

  1. When are you going to finish your novel? Definite date, please.
  2. If you weren’t gay, describe the kind of girl you would love to be with.
  3. Describe the best day you’ve had in 2014.
  4. You’re writing your will. Would you bequeath something to me in it? If yes, what? If not, why?

11:29 – Participant 3

  1. Are you a virgin?
  2. Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s hit by lightning?
  3. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
  4. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

13:10 – Participant 4

  1. What’s the worst book you’ve ever read? Explain why (if you feel like it).
  2. Do you think it’s necessary for a self-confessed bookworm to have read a decent number of classic novels or is reading classics nothing more than a cruel imposition?
  3. Your book shelf is on fire. Which book do you save?
  4. Who is your favorite pop diva and why?

17:52 – Participant 5

  1. What’s the best thing that could happen in the next 364 days?
  2. Which book would you unwrite off the face of the literary world?
  3. What’s going to make you cease smoking? :P
  4. Kill, Fuck, Marry TFG Edition: Maria, Mae, Monique? (If you don’t want the ladies, maybe you could do the men or do both, ehehe: Aaron, Beejay, JL)

23:38 – Participant 6

  1. Which bookish place (fictional or not) did you really want to visit after reading a book?
  2. What is the best compliment you have ever received?
  3. What do you think Victoria’s secret is?
  4. What’s the most memorable lesson you’ve ever learned, and who taught it to you?

30:50 – Deliberation and declaration of winner

I apologize for the following: my voice, my incoherence, my grammar and pronunciation slips, and the recording quality. I hope the quality will be acceptable to your ears. Congratulations to the winner!



  1. I prepared questions for this last Friday but I thought the deadline was yesterday. Hehe! Anyway, I hope you had a very fun birthday.


    • Thank you! Actually, the deadline was last Saturday but I reconsidered because the questions were irresistible. No harm in putting late entries.


    • Monique says

      I nearly snorted my coffee out of my nose nung narinig ko yun. Hahaha. Also, I hope you’ll reconsider your answer to my first question. You’re the only person who think you’re not a good writer; stop judging yourself, and negatively.


  2. congratulations to the winner!

    but just to clarify, my questions were serious questions. I was hoping you’d catch the references to TV (Season 5 Episode 1 of ‘Game of Thrones’), Film (the first X-Men movie), Comics (Joker’s favorite line), and Literature (Shakespeare’s sonnets) and respond accordingly.

    anyhoo, hope you had a blast on your birthday!


    • Obviously, the references were lost because I’m not very good at quoting (also not a fan of GoT and Batman). Your witticisms were put to waste; try them on someone else? ;)


  3. Hi Angus, have you encountered this passage from Ira Glass? I think it applies to your frustration re: writing your own novel because you’re already an advanced reader:


    I also have to battle this in myself, which is why I haven’t finished a novel either. I get very frustrated about the level of my first draft, which is an impossible thing because of course first drafts are supposed to be shitty. I end up not finishing so many novel ideas.

    This recording got super real ahahaha. Good job and happy birthday again!


    • I haven’t, and it’s super interesting! I didn’t think of it that way (being someone who has good taste); I just feel like wanting to be a reader. Thank you for listening!


    • That’s what I mean though, you’d like to write the kind of story you’d like to read, but then you end up feeling like an amateur compared to the writers that you love. (Medyo project ako dito, lol)


    • Dapat yata sagutin ko ulit though when I’m neither lacking in sleep nor recently woken up. Let’s discuss this “phase” soon!


  4. pat says

    I’ve never won a contest in my entire liiiife! Hahaha! Thanks for answering my gaga questions. Happy birthday to you! I won a book so happy birthday to me too. :D


    • Congrats again and thanks! Please message me the book that you want and your address. They won’t be posted. Or better yet, message me a list of three to five books (in order) in case the book that you want is not available.


  5. Louize says

    Hihihi, Lola voice!

    I agree with you. Personality should not be limited to gender. So you’re right, you may likely fall for a girl the same reasons you fall for a guy.

    And btw, hindi inuuod ang uod kapag namatay… nilalanggam! LOL :D


  6. Hahaha! I had fun listening to this. Sad that I missed sending in questions of my own, though. Also it’s Middle Earth (Mordor is also found in Middle Earth but you don’t wanna go there. Haha.) Okay, you prolly wasn’t actually asking-asking, but me is nerd. Haha. :)


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