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TFG’s Author of the Month for December: William Shakespeare

TFG's Author of the Month for December: William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Face to Face Book Discussion Details:

  • Date: December 6, 2014
  • Place: The Usual Christmas Party Place, New Manila, Quezon City
  • Time: 2 PM to  12 AM
  • Discussion Leader: Aaron
  • Attendees: Me, Alexa, Alona, Cary, Ella, Gay, Gwaxa, Honey, Ingrid, JL, Joy, Julian (newbie), Kristel, Kwesi, Louize, Mae, Maria, Marie, Meliza, Monique, Ranee, Rhena, Rollie, Ruby, Tina, Tricia, Veronica
  • Food I Ate: This is also our book club’s Christmas Party so there was a lot of food. Unfortunately, my appetite was meh so I was only able to nibble small servings of Monique’s baked spaghetti and slivers of yema cake.
  • Activities: Hashtag Shirts (participants explain the hashtags they printed on their shirts), Truth or Lie (participants guess truth and the lie between two anecdotes shared by selected participants), Massacre Theatre (participants read small parts from various Shakespearean plays), and Dramatic Monologue (participants read their preferred monologue of their assigned Shakespearean character).
  • After the Book Discussion: Christmas dinner, The 3rd TFG Quiz Night (so far the damnedest among them all), and TFG Book Auction.
  • Other Nominated Books: None.
Discussion Time

Discussion Time

The F2F36 Attendees

The F2F36 Attendees

  • Next Month: Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool. If you wish to join us, please visit the discussion thread and the event thread for more details.

Photo courtesy of Louize.

By the way, I’m semi-retiring this feature. “Semi” because I plan to just integrate my review of our book of the month and the book club event into one.



  1. Monique says

    The combined post will still contain the same details, right? I’ve been planning to create a TFG blog for the longest time to host these F2F posts, but yeah, time constraints. And I can’t be the only one maintaining it, right? But I still have my own blog, and there’s SSS…


    • Yep, just the details na lang. I realize that the details can be the appendices of the review (and this will force me to review the books, haha!).


    • Monique says

      I knew it! Haha. That’s one good way of squeezing yourself for a review. :))


  2. I’m glad it’s only “semi” retiring. I always watch out for your TFG posts (para lalong maiinggit hehe).


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