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The LSS Book List Final Guidelines

I have finally made up my mind about my LSS Book List. I’m already done with it but I’m still making allowances for the remaining weeks of 2014. I still might encounter books that are worthy of being part of my inaugural LSS Book List. It’s possible for me to still finish around ten books, so let’s see how the remaining reading weeks will pan out.

Since this is the first time that I’ll be doing a book list with such a great ambition, I would like to release it in batches of ten. That way, I can do short write-ups per entry. Besides, the remaining reading weeks are keeping me from releasing it in full because of the possible changes to the list.

Anyway, here are the guidelines that I will be working with:

  • Books should have been read, finished, and at least liked by me.
  • Books can be works of fiction, anything from novels, novellas, short story collections, plays, and poetry collections.
  • Books must be written or translated into English.
  • Books must be published internationally in print.
  • One book per author.
  • Books will be grouped by the LSS meter (low, mid, high).
  • List will be revised annually. Cut off date is every November 30. Final revision will be published every December 15.

If you don’t see a book that you feel should be on the list, here are the possible reasons:

  • Unread.
  • Unfinished.
  • Disliked.
  • It’s not fiction.
  • It’s not in English.
  • It’s published in a single country only.
  • It’s published in eBook format only.
  • Another book by the same author is already on the list.
  • LSS meter is not high enough.

The LSS meter is composed of two factors: my rating for the book and the book’s popularity. I came up with a not so fancy formula to give the books a semblance of numerical weight. I was trying to add another factor but I couldn’t think of any that can be quantified. In addition, another factor would be too complicated for my mathematically challenged faculties. I’m happy with the results that I got anyway so I’ll stick with the two.

As I mentioned, I’ll be posting them in batches of ten, maybe in every five days or so. Also, I was wondering what books you are expecting. Are there any specific titles and authors that you think will surely make the list? I was going to make a contest out of this (guess as many titles as you can) but I already showed an early draft to a few friends.

But yeah, let’s talk about them books. It’s one of the main points of the list anyway.

This is part of the Literary Snobbery Series (LSS).



  1. Is it fanciful to wish that David Mitchell will be on the list? Or my taste isn’t high on the snob meter as of yet? ;)


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