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Here’s a reading project that I might organize in the future

My Norton Short Fiction Anthologies, 3rd and 4th

It’s the penultimate day of Writing 101, and it’s a free one.

Today is a free writing day. Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing, don’t stop. No self-editing, no trash-talking, and no second guessing: just go. Bonus points if you tackle an idea you’ve been playing with but think is too silly to post about.

I have always wanted to be a part of a group blog. I don’t know what’s with my obsession about this, but I just want to. I was once part of the Booker, Nobel, and Pulitzer projects. They are nice group blogs, but I left. Why? At the time I left, I felt that the members were merely cross-posting their book reviews, which is not a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing because these blogs offer rich content regarding the projects’ respective focus.

I guess I wanted something more than that, something more collaborative, like members pitching in their ideas, and writing about original stuff without having to cross-post them and link them up to the original blogs. There is a sense of collective ownership in it, and it appeals to me.

Anyway, the reading project that I’ve been thinking of for the longest time is the Norton Short Fiction project. This will be based on the Norton Anthology of Short Fiction. I’ve been stalling this because I am waiting for the eighth edition, which I imagine will be out soon. It would be nice to discuss the stories in it and have members post stuff regarding the stories, the writers, and various topics related to the art of the short story.

I don’t remember discussing this with anyone because I think it’s quite demanding. I mean, we all have our lives to live and blogs to maintain, and asking for time, which we never have a surplus of, for such a long-term project is too much. But if it’s going to be one short story a month, I think it’s going to be manageable. Besides, I’ve already listed the “core” stories, the ones that are always present in each edition, at least from the editions that I’ve managed to get a hold of. So even if one doesn’t get the eighth edition, one could still participate.

Sometimes, I wonder if I could really take on this or if I am merely being restless. I want to do so much and yet there are already so many things to do. I have a job, I have this blog, I have a reading group, and I have other interests. But this project has been playing in my head for maybe two years now, or even longer. I don’t think it will go out of my head, and it feels great that I am finally talking about its possibility.

Once that eighth edition comes out, I think I will pursue it, alone or not.



    • Yep! The “core” stories are from the popular dead writers (Joyce, Faulkner, Nabokov, et al). Each new edition features new writers, probably the representative writers of recent decades.

      You really should consider reading short stories. ;)


  1. I never heard of this anthology before and seems like suddenly a whole new world just opens up before me. I’d be interested to join your venture as one short story a month should be manageable – though I’m not sure about getting the copy of the anthology itself as I just checked that it’s very pricey!

    ps: I’m a new reader of your blog, and especially got interested in your Nobel project and I’ve been perusing your Nobel list. Lovely blog! :)


    • Hi there, thanks for the interest in the Norton Project. That’s another thing, one has to purchase the book. But most of the “core” stories are available online or elsewhere. :)

      The Nobel Project is my forever project. I haven’t been reviewing for the past year but I’ll try my best to catch up on the Nobel reviews.


  2. I am tempted to join. But honestly, I am not confident in my writing or even sharing my ideas. Hehe. But I would still consider joining if you finally started your project.


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