Day: June 20, 2014


A letter to HoL

Dear HoL, We met last September 13, 1012 at the Manila International Book Affair. Remember? Louella introduced you to me. She’s this perky and petite friend of yours who loves to talk about books. Big books. We talked about David Foster Wallace, Murasaki Shikibu, and you. Her eyes lit up at the mention of your name. I think he’s around, she said. Indeed, you were. We instantly became friends. We weren’t that close though because I could hardly read you. You were a mystery. Still a mystery, I guess. Every chapter of your life is a radical departure from previous ones. What should I do with you? Oh right, I should introduce you to Jonathan Franzen, Christina Stead, George Eliot, and William Faulkner. They will get along with you. You are all big boys and girls, so why not hang out together in a special corner of the neighborhood? You were introduced to my other friends. You were quite popular. That’s when I decided that you and I and my friends should all hang out together. …