Day: June 6, 2014

In Search of Lost Books

Lost Books

Day Four. I’m still here despite the previous post. It’s like I mourned for the loss of something, no? Speaking of loss, have you experienced losing books, particularly a favorite book? How did you react? Did you replace the lost item? Tell me! But let me tell you these stories first. Lost Book #1: Twisted by Jessica Zafra Twisted is the title of the local writer’s column in a national broadsheet. It talked about books, movies, events, pop culture, etc., with a dose of irony. It was a hit among us, the angst-ridden kids, and it had a good run in the 90s and 2000s. Selected pieces from the column were compiled into a series of Twisted books that reached a dozen (including Twisted Flicks and Twisted Travels). The first installment is my favorite. Since it is my favorite, I wanted my friends to read it. I talked to Sam about it. She borrowed it. It never got back to me. Sam and I are no longer friends. Silly me, why did I think that I’d be friends with …