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Book Report: February 2014

Book Report: February 2014

Hello there. Yes, this blog is still alive but barely breathing. How can a book blog survive if the blogger isn’t even reading? Last year during this same period, I was also in a terrible reading rut. Is it the weather? Not really. Last year, I was on an extended vacation hangover. This year, it’s the presence of so many distractions, like my anticipation of the Oscar winners, my procrastination with my writing project (yes, it counts), and my upcoming book discussion. In May. Yes, I can be exaggeratedly anxious over any matter.

But I’m back, and I’ll be around, and like I mentioned elsewhere, I’m still planning on how I could get back to reviewing the books that I read. If you have any suggestions about that matter, please let me know. You know I love hearing from you.

Now, let’s go ahead to what little I have in this report.

Books Finished:

  • A Month in the Country by J. L. Carr – 5 out of 5 stars. The only book that I finished this month. Copy was lent by Bennard. Thanks! By the way, the three books that I have read since the start of this year are all borrowed from friends. Hmm.

Currently Reading:

  • The Trial by Franz Kafka – Currently on page 107 of 216. Yes, I managed to read a few bits at the beginning of February. And then.
  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel – Currently on page 211 of 604. I may have given up all hopes of catching up with the buddy read with my book club friends Maria, Monique, and Miss Ronnie. But I’m still hoping I’ll finish this soon. I hope to cover even just a few chapters this month.

New Books:

  • The Broken Estate by James Wood – This is supposed to be in the earlier book report but I apparently forgot to put it there. And this is the first book that I bought this year. (Php 50.00, January 14, Book Sale – Starmall)
  • Tom Jones by Henry Fielding – Included in The Novel 100 list. I’ve always been delaying my purchase of this book. Good thing that I did because I found this nice and clean copy. (Php 49.50, February 18, NBS Bestsellers – Podium)


  1. Monique says

    It’s a bit hard to re-immerse yourself into the narrative of Wolf Hall once you stop reading it – it’s like a jealous lover, requiring sole and undivided attention. There was a point somewhere there (I think I was also busy with my book discussion) when I failed to read even just a couple of pages over a weekend, and when I tried to read it again, I had a hard time reacquainting myself. But hey, that’s just me. And anyway, if you’re determined to finish reading it, it won’t be so hard to get used to the writing again. Good luck Buddy! :)


    • Monique says

      For some reason, I kind of figured that it’s one of the reasons for your lack of dedication to reading it. Hehe! Okay lang yan. If it doesn’t interest you, no one will hate you for dropping it. ;)


    • No one except myself? Hihi. I never drop books. I finish everything so that I could be justified when I rant or rave about them. :D


  2. Yay for A Month in the Country and JL Carr.:D I hope you can get out of your reading slump soon and I wish you all the best in your writing.:)


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