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Book Report: January 2014

Book Report: January 2014

This monthly feature is something new in the sense that I’ll just combine the books I’ve read (in lieu of the reading plans, plans which I didn’t faithfully follow) and the books I’ve hoarded (instead of the individual posts). But really, it’s just the same old banana. I am merely merging the two.

By the way, here’s an update because I feel that I owe you one. I’ve been really busy with writing (blame this on the workshop that I joined) and distracted with movies (blame this on the awards season). My head is always up in the clouds and I am having a difficult time reading. It takes some time for me to snap back into reality. Please don’t think that I’ve lost my marbles, it’s just that I can’t help figuring out how to work my writing project in the best way possible. Trust me, this is not easy.

I also haven’t been able to write a book review for months. The horror! I am thinking of just posting quick reviews, something like around 100 words, but I feel that this is injustice particularly to those books that I like. I’ll try to think of a book reviewing routine, and this will most probably come up after I’ve seen all those Oscar films.

So that’s enough update, I guess.

Books Finished:

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling – 5 out of 5 stars. Cedric Diggory! Copy was lent by Mommy Louize. Thanks!
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman – 3 out of 5 stars. The book discussion gave it an extra star. Copy was lent by Tina. Thanks!

Currently Reading:

  • The Trial by Franz Kafka – Currently on page 94 of 216. The blocks of text are just dizzying.
  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel – Currently on page 200 of 604. How many more Thomases do I need to be acquainted with? But that is beside the point. This is a great book, but it is quite difficult to read thanks to the point of view that Mantel chose from where to write the story. This is pronoun confusion.

New Books:

  • Black Dogs by Ian McEwan – I got this because it’s in my wishlist. Thanks! (From Ayban, January 25)
  • The Road by Vassily Grossman – My first NYRB for the year. (Php 200.00, January 25, Indio Bravo)
  • Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki – Included in The Novel 100 list, which is really The Novel 125 because it was updated to included 25 more books. (Php 180.00, January 25, Indio Bravo)


  1. I wish The Trial wins for your F2F. I haven’t read a full-length work of Kafka yet and I want to already. And yay for your NYRB purchase. I have a copy of that and it looks mighty interesting.

    Good luck on writing!


  2. Good finds, especially Some Prefer Nettles. Been meaning to read that Tanizaki for so long. Kafka’s writing may seem stilted but ultimately worthwhile.


  3. Come to think of it, I haven’t read a Kafka yet, either. But win or lose, I think I’ll try reading one of his works sometime in the future. :)


    • Have you read Faulkner or Woolf? I am more comfortable with these two, although they are not easier. This is not to say though that Kafka is easy.


    • Monique says

      Not yet, either. But if I were to pick one from those three, I’d choose Woolf. I’d prioritize reading her over Kafka and Faulkner.


    • Tip 1: You should not read it with other books. It is a demanding book.

      Tip 2: Make sure you are not busy at work or school.

      Tip 3: It might help if you are into The Tudors?


  4. Oh my, si Cedric Diggory talaga ang highlight for HP4? Kaloka!
    Thank goodness you can still be swayed by F2F discussion. lol

    Sometimes, I feel lost in WH, but then Mantel have these back stories that I really enjoy. (Sana matapos ko na to this Feb, wahaha)


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