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I got a little teary-eyed today

Because of our book club. I wonder what I did to deserve to meet such a wonderful bunch of people.

I met people I have similar tastes in books, and I could talk to them for hours about the books that we recently read. We did buddy reads (or read-alongs as most book blogs call it). We also put under our respective radars the recommendations that we have for each other. It’s a great thing that you get to rattle on about the things that you are passionate about with the people who share the same passion. It’s the same with other interests, but I daresay that a shared interest in books brings a more intellectual sheen to it because books, although not for the genius, provide more room for thoughts and opinions.

I met people I enjoy talking with. I realize that sometimes, we talk of the variations of the same stuff, but nonetheless, all of these talks are fun. Subjects range from light to heavy, tones would be from bantering to serious. Sometimes, I would think of quitting smoking but I can’t because I like talking and smoking with these people (note that smokers in our book club are a minority).

I met people I have built connections with. After numerous book discussions and random meetups, I have somehow shared personal bits of me (both the good, if any, and the bad, which are way too many). The truth is I have somehow forsaken most of the friends I have met before becoming a part of our book club. I haven’t hung out with most of them for years, and it somehow tortures me that I don’t miss them. And yet, I miss our book club after having been with them just last month.

I met people who inspire me to become a better person. This is not a requirement for book club people, but if you’re lucky to meet such people, I suggest that you never let them go. I’ve recently realized that these people do not directly influence me to be better at what I do or to be more socially responsible (doesn’t literature instill social awareness?), but they just do if you merely observe the words that they say and the things that they do.

These qualities are not present in every member of our book club, but putting them all together makes it seem like it. I’ve read a book about book clubs. Some of them dissolved when a few of their active members left, but some of them lasted for as long their lives. I fervently hope that our book club will be the like the latter.

Our book club has evolved from an online forum to a group that does quarterly gatherings, then to a group that actually does monthly book discussions, and now to a casual volunteering organization. It wouldn’t be too long if we become a big postmodern family, which isn’t far from happening because we’ve already celebrated birthdays and housewarmings together, and, who knows, we might do weddings and christenings in the future.

I mean no offense in what I am about to say but I sincerely hope that you would understand when I say my book club is better than your book club. Probably it’s the same with you, if you are with a book club. If you aren’t yet, I suggest you join one. Our book club is open to everyone.



  1. In the words of Jude in Jellicoe Road: “They’re my best friends… I’m going to know them until the day I die.” ♥


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