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Filipino ReaderCon 2013 – Filipino Friday 5: What Do Readers Want?

Filipino Friday

Filipino Friday

This is supposed to be the last Filipino Friday for this year. Is it? I cannot answer, really, but I am sure of this: the 3rd Filipino Reader Conference is rescheduled on December 7 because of a super typhoon. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but we are so used to meeting natural calamities that our spirit, at least my spirit, is taking this typhoon calmly and with hope in my heart. So keep calm and join a meme, you guys!

We need to do a recount, so instead of one more sleep, we have 32 more sleeps left before this big bookish event. And oh, here’s this week’s topic :

What do readers want? What’s your favorite genre/reading material? Who is your favorite author (local or foreign)? What kinds of books would you like to see more of from local authors or publishers? What is your favorite book from a Filipino author?

What do readers want? – Books! Silly answer, I know. Or is this even one of the questions?

What’s your favorite genre/reading material? – I like “literary” fiction and contemporary classics (20th century?). And some 19th century classics.

Digression: I want to avoid labeling something as “literary” fiction because I don’t want to sound high-and-mighty. I switched to calling such books as general adult fiction, but this is too general. I went back to “literary” for lack of a better word.

Who is your favorite author (local or foreign)? – My favorites are Jessica Zafra (local) and David Mitchell (foreign). And Jose Saramago, Marilynne Robinson, and Raymond Carver (all foreign).

What kinds of books would you like to see more of from local authors or publishers? – I’d like to see more books from my favorite genre.

What is your favorite book from a Filipino author? – Jessica Zafra’s Twisted series and her collection of short stories, Manananggal Terrorizes Manila. A college friend lent me his copy of the latter. No, I actually read it when he invited me for a sleepover at their house. I saw the book and I just read it. I’d like to think that Zafra’s stories and essays have a big influence on how I write and on how I pick my books. If you really want to know, I once made a rough list of the books and movies that she reviewed.

Wish List: I’d like to meet her on a future FilReaderCon. Yes, I’ve seen her when she invited her readers to her blog’s anniversary (5th?) and I’m going to see her soon for a writing workshop. For readers who aren’t connected with me on Facebook, yes, I got a slot at her first intensive writing workshop, and I’m all nerves about it. Orientation is this month and the boot camp kicks off in January. So that means I have to write my arse off and stop mooning about.

I digress. Yes, I am curious to see her do a panel on something.

The 3rd Filipino ReaderCon 2013

The 3rd Filipino ReaderCon 2013



  1. It’s been weeks since I heard the news, but I am still very excited for you. You deserve winning that workshop slot. You’ll rock it! ♥


    • Thanks, Mommy L. I hope I could sit down and write, but I feel that I should read some modernist works before I can manage to do that. Hence, the inclusion of such works on my reading list for the remaining days of this year.


  2. Yay, congratulations on that writing workshop! I enjoyed Jessica Zafra’s Twisted too and I follow her blog occasionally. I saw her at a mall while I was reviewing for the bar exams but I was so intimidated to ask her to pose for a picture. I should have asked her, no? Sayang. Hehe.


  3. swright9 says

    My thoughts are with you & the people in the Philippines after this horrific typhoon. please let us know if you are okay and your area … gosh the news is devastating


  4. Hi, Angus! Goodness! I completely forgot about this. I guess I’ve been completely out of the loop concerning this event because of Yolanda. Our family has been directly affected by it. These past few days have been stressful.

    Congratulations on being accepted to the workshop! Go kick ass! And yes, I love Manananggal Terrorizes Manila and Other Stories. The stories are just superb.

    I understand your dilemma regarding the label “literary fiction.” It’s a bit pretentious and somehow sheds an unflattering light on other genres such as SF, mystery, and romance. Somehow, that label just propagates the notion that other genres are not literary at all. But yes, I do use that label sometimes because of convenience. :-) Or, more often, I’ve just been telling people that I read fiction. Sila na bahala mag-isip kung ano yung mga klase ng fiction na yun. Hehehehehe.


    • Oh, that must be why I haven’t noticed your online presence recently. I hope things are better now? Are you now in touch with your family? And thanks, I’ll do what I can in the workshop. :)


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