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Filipino ReaderCon 2013 – Filipino Friday 4: Going Digital

Filipino Friday

Filipino Friday

It’s only a slightly over a week before the Filipino Reader Conference. Yay! And here’s the penultimate installment of this year’s Filipino Fridays:

Do you try other formats of books beside the print ones? What has been your experience with different book formats?

I haven’t experienced e-books. Ever. I don’t have an e-reader not because I am a snob but because I think it’s not practical for me to get one, considering that I have nearly 350 unread paper books screaming for my attention. I know how convenient e-books could be, but there’s something in me that tells me to finish all those in my TBR (or at least significantly trim them down) first before I get an e-reader.

But I have tried audio books (or is it audiobooks?), though only on books that I love. This means that I usually reread on audio. It’s a wonderful experience. You want to know a secret? Every time I read, there’s a silent narrator inside my head, which makes my reading so slow. Even if I jump ahead of the words to overtake the inner narrator, he or she would always insist that my eyes should keep up with him or her. Hence, this narrator always wins in the end. So when I listen to audio books, my inner narrator is happy because there’s someone else reading aloud with him or her.

I have to admit though that audio books pose a difficulty for me because I have a bad pair of ears. In fact, my left ear is not as good as the other ear, and I am tone-deaf. So I end up reading the paper book and listening to the audio at the same time. Some of my favorite audio books are the following: Gilead (read by Tim Jerome), Lolita (read by Jeremy Irons), and The Sense of an Ending (read by Richard Morant).

The 3rd Filipino ReaderCon 2013

The 3rd Filipino ReaderCon 2013



    • A big and drawling NOoooOOo. I feel that with fiction, speed reading has no point. I feel that every word has a purpose, and the reader should take the time to pass through each line taking care not to skip a word. I think with speed reading, the rhythm of the sentences is lost through the haste. So I say wallow in the words.


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