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New things, old things

The old, the new, and the autographed.

Two weeks ago, I moved to a new place. Last Monday, I started my new job. Just this afternoon, I committed myself into buying at least one NYRB Classics book per month. It feels like there have been a lot of new things going on, but really, they are just the same old things. Maybe, but hopefully not too soon, I might move again to a new place or change jobs or start collecting new sets of books. It’s all fun and challenging, but I still fervently hope that I can finally settle down to a place that is really my own and find the job that would last me until my retiring years. And about books? Well, I’m just glad of them regardless of the reading and blogging ruts.

Here are the new and used books that I got for myself:

  • Attack upon Christendom by Soren Kierkegaard – There’s this guy who sells books near our place. He carries a select set of books and lays them about the sidewalk. He is rarely seen around because he comes around at random days at usually past midnight. Cool, huh? There’s a Bohemian feel there. My friend has been telling me about this guy, and it took me maybe two months since I heard about this seller to finally meet him. (Php 280.00, July 26)
  • Cities of Salt by Abdul Rahman Munif – Included in the Novel 100, one of the four core lists that I am following. (Php 120.00, July 27, Bookay Ukay)
  • The Novel 100 by Daniel S. Burt – And what do you know? I finally found myself a copy of this! (Php 150.00, July 27, Bookay Ukay)
  • So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell – An early winner of the National Book Awards. (Php 120.00, July 27, Bookay Ukay)
  • The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell – A belated birthday gift from Ingrid. Thanks! Note: this is a signed copy. Woohoo! (July 27)
  • Soul by Andrey Platonov – The first NYRB Classics book that I bought. It’s not the first that I owned though because my buddy Monique jump-started my collection with Happy Moscow, another work from Platonov. (Php 755.00, August 17, Power Books – Shangrila Mall)

If you really want to know, I have listed 66 NYRB Classics books that I must own. I came up with this list based on a set of criteria that I wouldn’t bother to explain. Hopefully I could come close to that figure, and hopefully my reading would also keep abreast with the hoarding.



  1. That past midnight seller sounds so shady but cool, haha! And whoa, Soren Kierkegaard rang some bells until I realized that we studied him in Philo class weeks ago! Cool :o (PS Hope you’re doing great in your new place!!)


    • Thanks! I’m doing great but we still don’t have an Internet connection. I wonder what’s taking Globe so long. So yeah, I would feel super great if I get connected again, hahaha. :D


    • I used the following criteria:
      1. No. of ratings must be at least 100
      2. Ave. rating must be at least 4
      3. If the book is included in any of the lists that I am following, disregard the first two criteria.


    • I haven’t met that book seller again. If you have any philo books that you like, just let me know. He has a lot of those. :)


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