The Sunday Salon, Whatnot
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This is an attempt to sort of explain the lack of activities here

The Sunday Salon

The Sunday Salon

I usually don’t do this. In fact, I sometimes raise my eyebrows when I read posts where the blogger explains with so much fervor why he or she hasn’t been around. It’s as if the blogger owes the readers an explanation or the readers are demanding for it.

It’s all fine. Probably these bloggers and readers have deeper relationships than I assume. The same is true with me. A lot of my readers are also my friends. I sometimes feel that I have readers only because of my friends. Still, I try my best not to include very personal matters here for fear that it would alienate other people. Besides, this is a book blog. I don’t feel like mashing it up with other stuff.

And besides, there is The Sunday Salon as an excuse to post not-so-bookish-but-still-sort-of-bookish stuff. Like what have I been doing as far as reading and blogging are concerned? Have I been reading at all? Why am I not reviewing books lately? Why am I not buying books?

I have sunk into this phase of anxiety from which I hope I could recover soon. That generally explains why I haven’t been around. I still do read though, although it takes me longer than usual to finish a book. There are a lot of things in my mind and I find it hard to focus. But it’s not like I’m depressed or something. I sometimes think that I am but since I am still in touch with reality (am I?), I think I’m okay. I just think I need to take a vacation to clear my head and bounce back.

And that is why I am posting this on the first Sunday of the second half of the year. I am doing my best to get back. I cannot just sit and wait for the drive to come back. I think I need to somehow force myself to make the gears start turning. Later, I will parts of the books that I am reading, which are Great Expectations, Infinite Jest, and Love in the Time of Cholera. Fine, I’ll also read a bit of Les Miserables. When will I ever finish this book?

I’d also like to do something new to help me get back. I’ll be posting links that I find interesting on my TSS posts. Let’s commence, shall we?

  • Ian McEwan talks about Stoner by John Williams – I’ve read this over a year ago. I borrowed a copy from someone. It’s a great novel, and now it’s selling like pancakes thanks to all the writers who are raving about it. So you now see how big an impact writers have on the sales of books. They are somehow responsible in shaping what readers will pick up next. I hope they always pick intelligent choices and unearth more of those forgotten classics.
  • An analysis of grief – Can philosophy help a person cope with loss and grief? Coincidentally, I have just finished that part of Infinite Jest where two characters had a phone conversation about the same topics. Hmm.
  • Book launch of Manila Noir – I’ve seen copy of this, but my state of flux made me not buy the copy that I held and skimmed. And now I am so jealous of my friends who have signed copies. I am going to look for a copy this week.
  • Midyear reports from some of the blogs that I’m following – I’ve seen more, but I could only remember the lists from my friends’ blogs. Check these out: It’s A Wonderful Bookworld, One More Page, The Book Hooligan, and The Misanthropologist.

More to follow next week. Note to self: start bookmarking those links that you visit during your breaks.



  1. Hope you get back into your swing soon Angus. And I agree with you – no-one should feel compelled to talk about anything they don’t want to.


  2. Thanks for the mention. I’m also kind of in the same situation as you are. Though in my case, I know why I haven’t been reading and buying books as much….and can’t seem to concentrate on anything. Hopefully it will pass (I’m sure it will), and I’m sure yours will too. Maybe you just need to read a really excellent book to get you back on track (Love in the Time in Cholera is not really the way to go…lol…just kidding. I just didn’t love that book as much as other people :P).

    Hang in there!


    • Thanks! Maybe we should hang out again soon? Hihi. LitToC is the book of the month, so yeah, I’m obliged. It’s smooth reading, but it’s not terrible as well.


    • I also don’t go out much these days….too tired :( Actually I was thinking of maybe doing another reading buddy read lol. I can’t think of a book I’d want to read though.


    • As much as I’d like to indulge you, it’s been months since I last did a buddy read. The last time was a grand failure of unfathomable proportions, hahaha! The unlucky book is Les Miserables. I can’t bring myself to plod on. But yeah, I will try my best to resume. I am just distracted with so many other books (i.e., Infinite Jest). :D


    • Hahaha I thought you meant Ulysses :P Really, you didn’t like Les Mis? I found that book surprisingly easy to read (well, considering it’s length and topic) hahaha. Well, if you feel like it again, you know where to find me .


    • It’s not that I don’t like it. I just find it mercilessly verbose. My target is to finish it within the year. I still have six months to work on it.

      And Ulysses will have to wait indefinitely. :D


    • I think I’ve decided that I won’t waste anymore time trying to read Ulysses. I think I can get on living a fulfilled life without having read that hahahaha.


  3. Your posts, especially the reviews, are food for my brain.:p I like reading them since I usually get ideas on what to read based on your posts so I hope those return soon.:)


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