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My current criterion for buying books

These Are Books.

Is intrigue. Not book reviews (both from my peers and the professionals). Not the average ratings on Goodreads. Not the price. Not the lists that I’m following.

And not the blurbs, so I am ditching the previous post format for my ex libris posts (because that format eats a lot of time and I am recently always pressed for time).

  • The Hunger Angel by Herta Muller – I was intrigued by the title so I put it on my wish list shelf. This was supposed to be a birthday gift from Monique but it got lost for a couple of months. Still, it was given to me. Woohoo! (May 19)
  • Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs – I was intrigued because there’s this guy at a book talk I chanced upon years ago who claimed that this is his favorite book because he could never finish it. He would restart and ditch it, ad infinitum. (Php 300.00, May 19, Avalon.ph)
  • This Is Water by David Foster Wallace – I was intrigued because of this video on YouTube. Mae sent the link to me and it gave me a great day. (Php 399.00, May 29, Power Books – Greenbelt 3)
  • Dancing After Hours by Andre Dubus – I was intrigued because it is for the memory of Richard Yates, whose novel Revolutionary Road I recently read and raved about. (Php 25.00, May 30, Book Sale – Makati Square)
  • A Cool Million and The Dream Life of Balso Snell by Nathanael West – I was intrigued because of the book cover. Yeah, I could be also be like that. (Php 75.00, May 30, Book Sale – Makati Square)

There. Short and sweet. Now I want to read This Is Water. Like now.



    • I brought it with me to the office. I think it’s going to stay for a long time either in my bag or on my desk. :D


  1. Naked Lunch is on my wishlist, but I’ve yet to find myself a copy.

    I also buy books out of curiosity. But I also read Goodreads summaries and peers’ recommendations, because sometimes intrigue leads me to not-so-awesome books. I actually have this mental list on what books to search for and buy next time I visit a book shop.

    Nice book buys, btw! :)


  2. I’ve been seeing Andre Dubus books at Book Sale, and I keep making a mental note to ask you but then I also keep forgetting the titles! Hm. Next time. *another mental note*


    • Note that there are two Andre Dubuses. This one is the father. The son is the writer of House of Sand and Fog, and I assume that this is the Andre Dubus book that you usually see at Book Sale branches. :D


    • Yes, I think that’s the one I usually see. I didn’t know there’s a senior and a junior! Will research more. :D


  3. A little late to the party, but I just watched the This is Water video and…well, now I want that book, too.


    • There are still copies at the book store where I bought it. They are marked down, so yay discount! However, they are located at the mental disorders shelf. That’s strange.


  4. Nice criteria by the way. I don’t know if I am weird or something but I am always fascinated by the spine of the books- like they have this pulling force haha. Also by the title. I bought Giving Up The Ghost by Hilary Mantel for that reason.


    • Oh, I used to be entranced by book titles! I’m looking for a copy of Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You just because I love the title, haha. :D


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