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Nine + Twenty


I just turned 29 eight hours ago. The moment I wrote this (it’s a scheduled post), I was listening to Bloc Party’s Kreuzberg. The following lyrics kept repeating themselves inside my head:

I have decided / At twenty-five / Something must change

I know, I know, I was 25 four years ago, but I figure that at my age, something really must change. I’ve been really restless for the past couple of weeks, which explains the lack of activity in this blog. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking but I still couldn’t figure out what things need to change. As far as this book blog is concerned, there’s the review backlog that I need to take care of. And I’m not forgetting the reading plans that I need to follow. I barely have the necessary focus and energy to work on these two, but I’m already considering another blog for personal stuff, just so I could keep bookish posts and personal things separate.

No, I won’t resurrect my old personal blog. I want to start anew. I’m not sure if I want to share this new blog with the people I know. I’m pretty sure I won’t; I want it to be anonymous in the mean time. I already have a name for it, but for the sake of celebrating this day, I’d like to hold a contest.

Participants, at the comments section, suggest a name for my hypothetical personal blog. Please include a brief reason why you’re suggesting that name. You may suggest as many names as you want, so long as each of them has a brief description.

How will I pick the winner? The entry that has the strongest appeal to me and that has a very convincing reason wins. So surprise me! I’ll announce the winner maybe on Saturday. Contest runs for 24 hours. That’s from April 25, 8AM to April 26, 8AM. And the prize? Any book from the Book Depository (at most USD 15.00). That means everyone is welcome to join. And oh, you have to be patient for the prize because I’ll place the order in mid-May (along with my personal book hoarding).

So yeah, Happy Birthday to me. I won’t publish or respond to any comment until the deadline. I’ll be in outer space, so see you there!



  1. swright9 says

    Happy Birthday. That’s a tough one; you already have a name for the blog but you want people to offer other names? I have no idea. The Intrepid Islander? bad but drawing a blank …


  2. Inspired by Roland Barthes, my suggestion for your hypothetical personal blog would be: Fragments.

    Happy Birthday, Buddy! :)


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