Day: February 9, 2013

Malamud, O'Brien, and Proulx

Looks like my book shopping is slowly becoming a once-a-month thing

I’ve been doing my weekly rounds at book stores and yet I always go out without having bough anything. This week, I’ve been looking for Carver’s four works: Call When You Need Me, Short Cuts, Where I’m Calling From, and Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? It would be real easy for a Carver enthusiast to just buy his Collected Stories, but the Carver enthusiast just needs to have each book separately. Apparently, the four are not locally available as of the moment. I placed a special order for them and I was told by the staff person who assisted me that I will be contacted if their suppliers agree to get those for me. I haven’t heard from them since Thursday.¬†Argh. I think I will go back and give them a good spanking on Monday. Anyway, to console myself, I bought the following books: [The Complete Stories of Bernard Malamud: Php 145.00, January 29, Book Sale – SM Pampanga] The Complete Stories of Bernard Malamud says it all. I haven’t read Malamud yet but …