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First Books of 2013

Hage and Proust

I haven’t been buying books lately because I haven’t been visiting a lot of book stores lately. At the end of the day, I’m usually too tired that I just want to go home. But when I’m not too tired to walk around aimlessly at book stores, I couldn’t find anything to my liking. I take that as a good thing because a.) I have a lot of unread books waiting, and b.) I can save some money for other things.

Last year, I have dutifully recorded my book shopping details. I’d like to do that again, but this time, I’d like to see the year-to-date cost of my book splurges just because I want to know that little detail. Book lovers don’t really mind the cost of books, but yes, I’m being OC for the moment.

[De Niro’s Game: Php 100.00, January 18, Fully Booked – Marquee Mall]

De Niro’s Game is on sale. It’s originally priced at Php 568.00, so I took this IMPAC winner. It looks like it’s about war. The cover gives it away, plus the blurbs. I really don’t read blurbs (of course I’m lying), but for the fun of it, let’s include some.

“Hage’s debut novel burns with a white-hot brilliance …. [He] lays bare the chaos that war unleashes in the souls of those who must live in its maelstrom.” – Charlotte Observer

[In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower: Php 720.00, January 24, Fully Booked – Greenbelt 5]

I like the white-hot brilliance part. It makes me think that my eyes will burn while reading. Anyway, In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower is the second volume of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. I’m going to read this with a couple of friends from the book club (if you want to join, let me know). We have agreed that we will not read all seven volumes consecutively. We are not yet sure if we are doing one or two volumes a year, but I’m leaning towards the former because the fifth, sixth, and seventh volumes can only be released by Penguin Deluxe on 2018 thanks to a copyright extension law.

Yes, this novel is originally is French. My edition is translated by James Grieve. I don’t know his reputation as a translator, but I like the idea of having different translators per volume for this work.

“Penguin’s polyphonic Proust takes you on [an] amazing voyage.” – Boyd Tonkin, The Independent

Others, I’m sure, would rather stick to one translation, but I don’t mind. It’s a rare time for me not to be anal about translations and translators. I think I’m going to treat each volume as an independent yet connecting piece to the whole. And they would look so lovely on my book shelf. Hopefully my copies wouldn’t look so bad when 2018 comes.

YTD: Php 820.00



  1. I actually also want to closely monitor my book purchases this year. I’ve set aside a (mostly empty) bookshelf where I will put only the books I bought this year, that way, at the end of the year, even if I forget to list it down, I will know what books I bought. Also, I want to know how much I actually spend on books…just because. Right now, I’ve bought 6 books for January…one more week to go :)


  2. I can’t come up with a proper encouraging reaction other than I wish I could do the same. It’s only the 25th of the month and I’ve already bought 7 books to add into my pile. ≧^◡^≦


    • I’m not really controlling or budgeting my book purchases. It’s just that I want to know how much money I spend on them. :)


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