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In which I post something quite irrelevant

Beach Book

Because I want to try the post formats of this new theme that I’m using. You may run away now because I’ll be basically toying with the formatting while blabbering about random stuff. I purchased Watson just a few hours ago because I agree with the press release that it’s typographically pleasing. Also, I think that paying for a theme might really push me to get back to my reading and blogging. [This is an excerpt.]

[This sidenote] is really one of those things in this theme that I’m very excited to use. I’m already thinking of ways on how to integrate them in my future book write-ups.

And yes, this theme is a birthday gift to my blog. A few weeks delayed, I know, but I’ve been really busy. Just so you know, I was on vacation last week. Take a look at this:

Of course, I wasn’t able to finish that book during that afternoon that I took a photo of it. There was just too much to do, like walking along the beach and staring at the horizon and stuff like that. I have to say that that afternoon was a wonderful reading experience. You hear the natural crashing of the waves (no longer a digital variety of it) and feel the sun and the sea breeze on your skin. And the soft fine white sand. I think my complexion went down by a tone or two but I don’t mind.

I am thinking of following my Buddy‘s suggestion to have a monthly feature about readers and bloggers, similar to her Spark Project and Tina’s What I Read. I already have something in mind, but I think I’m just being overly eager today so I’ll just push it back on my birthday month.

April is my birthday month and oh, this is [a run in].

Just a few hours ago, I considered doing monthly v-logs, but isn’t that too much? And seriously, I rarely watch v-logs because:

  1. they eat bandwidth; I do most of my blog hopping at the office, and
  2. I’d rather read [this is one of the fancy alert boxes; they come in four varieties].

So what else? I drafted a formula for my book write-ups. The formula is an effort to keep me on track and to make things simpler. That’s thanks to Chami‘s advice:

i have a mantra: K.I.S.S. when there’s nothing else to say or write, then Keep It Short, Stupid. No sense in posting thoughts when you really don’t feel like you’ve accomplished something. like writing just for the purpose of that: writing and sharing.

I think K.I.S.S. is really Keep It Short and Simple (thanks to all those years of collegiate programming). But I like the variety. I initially misread it as Keep It Short and Stupid, which is entirely different from what she said.

So are you going to ask me anything? Hmm.

Enough of this already. If you feel like chatting with me about anything, let’s do it here, at the comments section. Now is your chance to ask anything. ;)

If you have reached this point, thanks for indulging me [a footnote].



  1. I agree, the typeface is pleasant to look at; the home page is “minimalistically” appealing. :D Nice purchase.

    Belated happy birthday to your blog. :D


  2. You are artistic by nature. So, I know this experiment will turn out great.
    Besides, I’ll follow your blog even if it’s written upside down. Loves you! :)


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