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It has been a little quiet lately

Movies, anyone?

Because I don’t know what to blog about. Fine, I have my pending book write-ups, but I am too lazy to write them. I’m very worried because I am also too lazy to read lately (which is why I find it triumphant that I was able to read 30 pages in one sitting a few hours earlier).

A couple of friends told me that I shouldn’t think too much of it because it will come back. I’d like to think that my reading session this afternoon and this blog post are signs that my enthusiasm for reading and blogging is coming back.

Oops. No. I don’t think so. After typing the two paragraphs above, my mind is stuck. I can’t think of anything else to say.

I wouldn’t bother asking you for tips on how to get over this slump. I will follow my friends’ words: it will come back. And yes, I think I need to focus. These past few weeks, I’ve been so distracted with movies. Blame the Oscars for this, but so far, I enjoyed the movies that I have seen. I don’t think it would be surprising if I mention that I watched Life of Pi, Anna Karenina, and Les Miserables. And Silver Linings Playbook (it’s also based on a novel according to a friend and the credits).

I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet. I am not too keen on seeing it because I feel that it shouldn’t have been turned into a trilogy. If they do this, they should adapt the unabridged version of Les Miserables into a movie series. I know, I know, The Hobbit has a strong pull among moviegoers. I don’t know why they chopped a short children’s novel into three parts, but I can’t help thinking that it’s all for the money. And that is annoying me. Oh well, that’s the way the movie industry is; I have to suck it up.

I am becoming incoherent and pointless, so I should stop now. And yes, I shouldn’t really be talking about movies per se lest I turn this into a book-slash-movie blog. I hope to be back soon. Not that I am leaving, but I want to bring back my reading and blogging regularly. I hope I can rekindle the fire within this week. Or maybe next week. Or maybe after I finish watching my movies.



  1. I have an obsession for movies, as well as books. It’s difficult to say, in any given week, which will win out in the race for my attention. So I try to do both.

    I really want to see Silver Linings Playbook.

    And the new Anna Karenina….



    • I like both movies but I prefer Silver Linings Playbook. Anna Karenina is better off as a novel (still, kudos to Joe Wright for the bold vision).


    • I would recommend that you not see Anna Karenina; Kiera Knightly is rather wooden and honestly she doesn’t strike me as the Anna Karenina type. The acting is not great, although the sets and costumes are wonderful and the best thing about the movie.


    • I already saw it. I think the problem is with the “theater” thing. It’s hard to get attached to the film with all the theatrical things going on.


  2. Lol…I feel you! I’ve been watching more than reading these days. I’ve been reading the same short book for the past month now. :P

    Btw…how did you like Les Mis (the musical)?


    • I like the film. Maybe the purists wouldn’t like it. I haven’t seen it on stage or finished the novel, but I could tell it deserves at least one Oscar. :)


    • I have to agree with this: this phase will pass! Vacations tend to do that, but you’ll find your rhythm again. :)


  3. Yeah I saw a lot of movies around Christmas, my favorites in order were probably: Life of Pi, Lincoln, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. hmm. But I havent seen a few others like Anna K or The Impossible etc. cheers for 2013.


  4. Helena says

    I want to read Les Miserables so much! :) But I won’t dare to read it in English ._. I’ll read in my mother tongue haha. Anyway, did you know the author of Life of Pi copied a story of a Brazilian author? You might not know, it wasn’t that divulged there, but I think that in Canada it was and here in Brazil too.


    • Do you speak French? That’s cool.

      Regarding Life of Pi, I have a copy of the book that you are referring to. It’s called Max and the Cats. Philippines is not that backward; there’s the Internet. :D


    • Helena says

      No, I don’t! I speak Portuguese xD. Oh, yea that’s it and I didn’t know you were from Philippines :D I thought you were from USA, your english is really good, but I think you live in the american part there, right?


    • I am not from the American part (if you are referring to the US bases), but I am from the capital city. Thanks. Practice makes perfect, although my English can still improve. :)


    • Helena says

      Yes, I mean that. Omg, but your English is perfect :D. Do you have to speak it or you just chose?


    • Most of us can speak English. We have English classes from Grade One to college. It’s up to us if we want to hone it or not.


    • Helena says

      I see :). I met a girl who was from there and her name was Di o.O” I found it really simple though xD


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