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Our judge has made a decision

Who's the winner?!

A few days ago, Book Rhapsody celebrated its 2nd birthday by making a list of reading and blogging resolutions, and asking for your suggestions. Happily, there are a few well-wishers, and here are their suggestions from the top of my head (please view full list at the birthday post):

  • Alexa: Buy a random book based solely on the book blurbs.
  • Bennard: Read shorter works when going through reading slumps.
  • Monique: Come up with features posts about readers/bloggers.
  • Peter: Do whatever comes out naturally.
  • Maria: Keep it short and simple when there’s nothing to write anymore.
  • Tina: Dare someone to read your favorite book and vice-versa.

Thank you, well-wishers. Thank you, participants. Yes, I will try to do all of these. Now, if you read the birthday post, I mentioned that I will provide a counter-attack for each entry. I decided not to because I feel that these suggestions are all good (I will try to do them all) and because this week was just too busy for me to react against them. Heck, it’s even auspicious that I was able to force my friend to judge the entries while we were eating lunch.

A note on the judge: she’s not a big reader. She used to read a lot before, but when she started to work after college, she lost the knack for reading. So here’s what she has to say regarding her pick:

I love this blogging resolution as it’s really something that I check when I read blogs. I always look for features post. For someone who would not really do my research on what book would be fun to read, those features posts help me a lot.

Do I need to make a grand announcement? Cue drum roll: Monique, you are the winner. Congratulations! As promised, Book Rhapsody will give you one locally available book worth at most Php 1,000.00. Please post your top three picks so that I could start looking around for them as soon as I am no longer busy. I will try my best to immediately attend to this and send the book over to you (or maybe hand it over if we meet soon).

Thanks to everyone for participating! Let’s hope that this will be a happy reading and blogging year for all of us. And with that, I’m outta here. Hurrah!



  1. I won?? Weee! Haha. That’s why I love posting comments/entries on your blog. I almost always win giveaways. Wehehehe. :D

    Hey Maria. I could hazard a guess as to who the judge is, pero di ko talaga siya kilala. Haha! Nothing fishy in me winning. :P

    Thanks Buddy! I will get back to you with my top 3 picks soon. :D


    • Monique says

      Haha, I know! :D

      And my top three choices are:

      (1) A History of Love by Nicole Krauss
      (2) The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes
      (3) I, Claudius by Robert Graves

      Thank you Buddy! And thank you, Ms. Judge! :D


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