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Today is a special day

Happy 2nd Bloggy Birthday!

I almost forgot that today is Book Rhapsody’s 2nd birthday. Dear me, am I becoming senile to forget birthdays? Or is this the result of my little bathroom accident a few days ago?

Okay, before I go on, let’s put this out of the way: Happy Birthday, my dearest blog!

I want to celebrate this but I couldn’t think of anything. I was thinking of some contest but I got so distracted with a lot of things over the weekend with my painful neck that wasn’t helping. I first thought of purchasing a lovely premium theme named Watson and launch it today. It’s like buying new clothes for your own baby instead of using hand-me-downs from relatives. I can do the theme upgrade now if I have a credit card or PayPal or anything that would let me make an online purchase. Unfortunately, I don’t. Yes, I am that backward not to have any of those. My debit card wouldn’t allow me to do online shopping. Or maybe I just don’t know how to do it.

Which means I have to delay the theme upgrade later (a friend promised to let me ride on her card for this). So what should we do? List some reading and blogging resolutions, maybe?

Well, here’s a handful of them, things that first jumped off my head:

  • Catch up on my backlog of book write-ups. To do this, I must write about a previously read book from that log before writing about a recently finished book.
  • Restructure my book write-ups. I want to combine John Updike’s rules and this anatomy. I know I can’t follow these religiously, particularly “understand the failure”  part of the former and the historical appraisal of the latter. But I will try my best.
  • Try to read even at least 10 pages a day no matter what. But hopefully I can do a minimum of 50 pages a day especially when my life gives way to my reading.
  • Stick to my monthly reading plans. Please please please.

If you are kind enough to celebrate with me, please suggest some reading and blogging resolutions that I should consider. The best resolution will win a locally available book of his or her choice (not more than Php 1,000.00). This is available to my blog readers everywhere who made at least two comments from any of my posts from 2012.

If you think this is very simple, think again. You have to know my reading quirks and habits, which are quite evident in my posts. So how will I judge this? I will argue with the submitted suggestions and present them to my friend (the one who would let me ride on her card). She will then judge the strengths and weaknesses of your suggestions and my arguments. So yes, no bribing can take place here, unless you have some sort of ESP and manage to know my friend’s name and whereabouts.

Thanks in advance for celebrating with me. I’ll be very busy on this Manic Monday, so please help me make Book Rhapsody a happy blog today.

* * * * *

And to celebrate the day, here’s an annual report for Book Rhapsody:

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 21,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 5 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.



  1. HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!! *confetti*

    *mental slap* I missed my own blog’s birthday, which was during the New Year. Anyway, it’s more fun celebrating others’ birthdays, so Happy Birthday again!

    Okay, I have a fun reading suggestion as my gift to your blog. How about you go to a book store and buy a book that you have never heard of prior to going to that bookstore? Like those times before you discovered Goodreads and you have to count on your powers of judgement of book blurbs. You might discover something nice! :D


    • Thanks, Alexa! You are Entry #1. Actually, I wanted to relaunch this blog on January 1, but you know how things are during the holidays. And then I got a little busy, so it was pushed to January 7. :D


  2. Happy Birthday, Book Rhapsody! This blog is still pretty young. I’ve always thought that this has been in the internet for years. I do wish that this stays in the internet for many years to come.:)

    As for a suggested reading resolution, I noticed that you can go into reading slumps with long books or those books that have a reputation to encourage reading slumps. Because this also happens to me, I suggest that, during certain slumps, you read a novella that is no less than a 100 pages long. Such novellas are short enough to be read in a day (even in a few hours) and then it has the effect of refreshing the reading mind so that you can continue reading that book that has put you in a reading slump. I do this sometimes when I feel that a certain book is pushing me into a reading slump and, so far, it is effective.

    As for the novellas, I suggest those that are part of the Penguin Mini Modern Classics like Chess by Stefan Zweig.


    • Thanks, Bennard! You are Entry #2. I started blogging last 2007. My first home was Blogger (a personal blog with occasional book, movie, and album reviews), and then I moved here (I imported everything from Blogger). And then three years later, I decided to blog exclusively about books. So many changes! :D


  3. Happy Bloggy Birthday, Book Rhapsody! :)

    With respect to reading + blogging, my initial suggestion was for you to catch up on your write-ups backlog, but you already listed that one. So I thought again, and here’s my suggested blogging resolution:

    Do a features post. Something along the lines of my Spark Project or Tina’s What I Read posts, and I know you can think of something bookish to feature about someone. It doesn’t have to be a monthly thing; you can do it quarterly, or every couple of months, or just whenever you have the material! No pressures as to the “when.” Why do I suggest this? It’s true that we blog about stuff that we read or like, but sometimes it’s also nice to train the spotlight on someone else, someone who shares the same passion as ours. :)


    • Thanks, Buddy! You are Entry #3. Catching up on that backlog might take some time, but I will try my best to feature every book that I read, even if it comes down to doing 100-word reviews. I hope not though. :D


  4. Hi, Angus! Happy Anniversary to your blog! I’m not a big fan of resolutions though. Hehehehe. I say just keep on reading what you feel like, drop a book if you’re not feeling it, buy the book(s) if you have the money, don’t be bothered if you’re in a reading rut, and just do what comes naturally!


    • Thanks, Peter. You are Entry #4. I’m also not a big fan of them, but I always end up coming up with a list. I just love … lists. :D


  5. Woot! Book Rhapsody is just a few months older than my blog! Happy Birthdayyyyyy!

    Not exactly resolutions, but here are alternatives that you can use should you exhaust all your options :)

    reading – pick 3 books you really, really want to read right now, then use randomizer.org for prioritization. yes, i did this a few times already. or cover your eyes then point. the book you’re pointing at wins! oh yes, might be silly but it’s fun!

    blogging – i have a mantra: K.I.S.S. when there’s nothing else to say or write, then Keep It Short, Stupid. No sense in posting thoughts when you really don’t feel like you’ve accomplished something. like writing just for the purpose of that: writing and sharing.

    Let’s have coffee to celebrate! (If I don’t win, let’s reevaluate our chaminess, okay?) bwahahaha


    • Thanks, Chami. You are Entry #5. And I always thought your blog has been around for years. I envy you when I see your successive posts. So that’s your secret: KISS. And yes to coffee! Let me know when. :D


    • Oh, I’ve been blogging since ’07 (in multiply) but it was more of everyday (personal posts), i have a few book reviews also. :) So many thoughts in my mind lately, that’s why i need to empty it through blogging last week. See you soon!


  6. Happy Bloggy Birthday!
    Oh dear, this not an entry, simply wishing you the best this blogging year can offer.
    I’m still thinking a project myself e. (‐^▽^‐)


    • Thanks, Miss Louize. You are Entry #6. However, since you voluntarily disqualified yourself … Anyway, thanks for the well wishes. Who knows we’ll be working on similar blogging projects. :D


  7. Ooops better late than never! Your blog’s birthday is a few days before mine! :) Belated happy blog birthday! And I know contest is over, but I’ll share this anyway. :) One of my reading resolutions that I didn’t get to do last year: dares. Get someone to dare you to read something they really like and you dare them to read something you really like. I think we discussed this for a bit during the HOHOL? I didn’t have the time to do it last year, but I’m trying to see if I can make room for that this year. And then if the other person has a blog, you can do guest posts on each other’s blogs about the dare. :)


    • Thanks, Tina. That’s a really good idea. Not only do the two bloggers’ reading grounds expand, but they also build a sort of synergy within the book blogosphere. I might consider. Hmm. :D


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