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The Best Reads of 2012

Will you hazard a guess?

I’ll be doing this now since we only have ten days left before 2013 enters. My 2012 reading is pretty much done; I’m still in the middle of the book that I abandoned a few months back and it looks like it’s not going to make it to my list. I present this case: I wouldn’t have abandoned it if I really got hooked into it. So regardless of my rating for that book once I finish it, it would still not make it to the top due to that point.

I still have a Miss Universe hangover from yesterday so I’ll be doing this list little differently this time. And oh, I have redressed my blog. I’m sure you have noticed it, but this is only temporary. Or maybe not. I will do a full redress next year, which is oh, just a few weeks ahead. I digress, yes.

Out of the 53 books that I read in 2012, I will pick the top 16. You think this is an easy job? It’s not. I’ve read many great books this year, and while looking at my Goodreads shelves, I counted 35 books that I rated with 4 or 5 stars. Please note that I won’t automatically include all 5-star books in the top 16. All decisions will be based on what I think and feel now, as if this were the coronation night of a literary pageant.

Enough of the babble. Click Page 2 for the top 16.



  1. I wonder how I’d rate it. That philosophy of farming sounds interesting. Does it in any way resemble his philosophizing in War and Peace? Always wanted to read Anna Karenina because its by Tolstoy.


    • There are similarities. War and Peace has a lot of stuff regarding life, death, and living. Anna Karenina also has that, and some of it are incorporated in the act of farming. I think you will like the those parts.


    • That depends. Can’t tell until I read it. Btw, haven’t read any of the titles in this list. Hoping to read Anna Karenina soon. :)


    • Yehey! Congrats.

      Regarding your question, I mentioned in the post that my rankings for this are based on the moment I wrote this (last night actually). The ratings are based the moment I finished each book. Do you not get the feeling that some books aren’t as great as they are the first time you encountered them?


  2. Of all the books you’ve listed, A Single Man is the only one that I’ve read! But this list has a lot of books that I want to put in my next year’s TBR especially the ones by Mitchell, Eugenides, Chabon, Kertesz, and Robinson.

    PS Di naman halata na may hangover ka sa Miss Universe.:D


    • Hahaha! The books can’t walk around the shelves eh. I don’t know how you’d feel about Robinson (I’m utterly biased) but the rest are great works. Have fun reading them!


  3. Yay for Ghostwritten and The Virgin Suicides! Love! :)

    And now I put the other 3 books on my wish list. On your recommendation. :D


    • Really? Yay! But don’t think that I am just romanticizing things when you get to read Play It As It Lays, haha. It’s actually a make or break book, and the characters can really annoy you.


  4. Love the fun way you presented your best reads! So, pano, if for whatever reason the best book doesn’t stand up for 1 year as your favorite, the 1st runner up takes its place? :-)


    • Haha, that’s pushing it too far na, but if there were such a rule, I don’t see it happening because I really like my best book this year. Thanks!


  5. Haha I love the suspense as I click each page. :D

    I’m so putting Ghostwritten in my January reading list. :) I think it will start my reading year just right.


  6. The Virgin Suicides! I love your description of it. Play It As It Lays will definitely be in my to-hunt and to-read shelf for next year, that is, if the world will not yet end today. :)


  7. This is the most original “best books” list I’ve read yet.:) And yay for The Virgin Suicides and Motherless Brooklyn! Although, I love Virgin better than Motherless. I feel bad, though, that Stoner and Kavalier and Clay didn’t make it to your mystical five. They were my bets.:P


    • Thanks! It’s really tough to choose only five, and there are so many good books! If I were to reshuffle these 16 books, I think Stoner would fare better. As I’ve mentioned, my rankings were based on how I felt the day I wrote this post. :D


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