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TFG’s Year in Posters

2012 is nearly coming to its end. Our book club has even recently finished discussing this year’s last book of the month, which deserves an entirely different post. In the unlikely event that the Mayans got their calculations right, I would like to take this opportunity to sort of honor the lovely event posters that the 12 discussion leaders have prepared in line with the monthly book discussions.

Without further ado, here they are. Click the thumbnails to view the large version of the images. Enjoy!

Lovely, aren’t they? And just for the sake of fun, what is your favorite poster regardless of the book? Please select one from the list below. It’s my first time to post a poll on my blog (hurrah!) so I would appreciate it if you participate. Thanks!

And tada! Here’s our new shiny logo. Credits go to my office mate who shall remain unnamed. He requested not to let people know that he designed this logo. Still, if you, dear office mate, are reading this, a lot of people are saying thanks for the amazing job that you did.

Let’s view the photos one more time!

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  1. Iboto ko sana yung gawa ko para may boto naman kahit isa lang. Pero i check the result muna and saw may isa na so yung totoong sagot ko na lang binoto ko. P&P! :D


  2. Can’t I choose 2? I chose July and August, because those two were originally designed, nothing was copied and pasted.


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