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The Classics Club Monthly Meme: November 2012

The Classics ClubIt’s mid-November, but it’s never too late to participate in The Classics Club‘s monthly meme. Here’s the topic for this month:

What classic piece of literature most intimidates you, and why? (Or, are you intimidated by the classics, and why? And has your view changed at all since you joined our club?)

There are two types of literature that intimidate me. These are the works of Shakespeare and ancient Greeks. I am thinking of collecting those No Fear Shakespeare books, but I can’t see myself buying even one in the near future. Just thinking of the possible struggle lets me down. The Greek classics, well, I don’t intend to read them. That could change, maybe when I am way older, but definitely not now.

Why do they intimidate me? Well, they are written in verse. The truth is, anything written in verse intimidates me, which explains the lack of poetry in my reading list. But I’d love to explore them, particularly the works of Pablo Neruda, Derek Walcott, T. S. Eliot, and other Nobel laureates.

I don’t think I am intimidated by classics in general because when I joined the club, I have already read a handful of classics. When I was still a fledgling reader, I had this notion that I should read more classics because they wouldn’t be classics for nothing. Besides, they are the foundation of whatever it is that the publishing houses put out today. I am not a hardcore classics reader though because I still love to read contemporary works. I plan to make adjustments next year. I wish to focus on classics (yes, it’s time to slash down my list of 75), postmodern works, and short story collections.



  1. I understand your trepidation re the Greek classics. I had the same feelings, not so much about how easy it would be to read in verse but whether I would understand all the allusions and references. But having read Medea by Euripedes I was pleasantly surprised. In the translation I have the language is easy to follow and while there are refs to the Gods, they don’t get in the way of a good narrative. Emboldened by this experience I’ve just started reading another play by him. So seize the day and give it a go.


  2. I’m a bit intimidated by Shakespeare too. I should really try the No Fear Shakespeare…my aunt was reading one over Thanksgiving weekend, and it looked good. :)

    My November Meme is here


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