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TFG’s Book of the Month for October: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Welcome to Pemberley!

I’m back to my old habit of delaying these book club posts as far as I could. Oh well, next weekend will be another book discussion, so it’s just high time that I get this done, no?

Our book club picked another classic for October. Pride and Prejudice won the poll, beating Little Women and The Secret Garden. There’s only a slim difference among the three, so it could have been this or that.

There’s the usual reading plan and online discussion, but this time, the discussion leader organized online group screenings of BBC’s series adaptation of this novel, starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. Two episodes were streamed every Friday of the month, and guess what? I hosted the live stream. I find that funny because a few months back, I didn’t have any Internet connection and now I’m doing stuff like streaming.

So while watching, viewers were either talking about the book or simply gushing (which filled out most of the chatroom space). I couldn’t take part much part in the chatroom because the live stream lagged with the slightest disturbance. I dared not move the mouse lest the whole thing shuts down, which happened during the test stream.

On the day of the book discussion, I failed to come on time due to my dental appointment. I was not able to take part of the pre-discussion activity, which was tea tasting. Still, I’m glad that I was able to catch the skit that the discussion leader brewed with some of the members, which involves this:

Call me, Darcy?

Call me, Darcy?

How cool is that? Basically, the skit gives as a background of Jane Austen’s life. I really do not know what’s this phone call’s significance in the skit is, (I was probably too busy looking at the food) but this just proves that book club discussions need not be too serious.

The discussion was light and fun. It’s completely devoid of the usual breaking of china, probably because there’s no china to break. Yes, we were at a coffee shop, but we dined al fresco. Rather, we picnicked at the back garden of the café.

We were divided into three groups, and look! We sat on the grass, ate food from the potluck (I brought broas and uraro and rice crispies), talked about our favorite characters in the novel, differentiated marriage from then and now, discussed our views on elopement, and took in the beautiful scenery as the sun set in the background.

Our group discussion

Our group discussion

Our discussion leader also gave us an assignment. She asked us to prepare a five-word ode for a woman important to us. This gave me some trepidation because I don’t know how to write an ode. Does it have a form or rhyme structure? I researched a bit and upon seeing those odes to whatnot, I decided not to be too finicky about this. I’ll just mash in five words that would praise … who?

It would have been easy to choose my mom or my sisters or my best friends, but I was still undecided when I was called. I just rattled out “You are everything in between” without any woman in mind. It’s clipped from Shawn Colvin’s “You and the Mona Lisa” (Nothing in particular and everything in between / This is what you mean to me).

Truth is, I’m reserving those lines for my future Darcy. Shucks, that’s godawful cheesiness. Please indulge me.

The Attendees of the Tenth TFG Face to Face Book Discussion

The Attendees of the Tenth TFG Face to Face Book Discussion

Pride and Prejudice Book Discussion Details

  • Date: October 21, 2012
  • Place: Starbucks – The Grove, Rockwell, Pasig City
  • Time: 3 PM to 6 PM
  • Attendees: Me, AaronAlexaAlonaBennard, Camille (discussion leader), CaryCelina, Chika, Ella, Ingrid, Jane (newbie), JL, John (newbie), Miss Louize, Mae, MariaAtty. MoniquePatrick, Phoebe (newbie), Doc Ranee, Reev, Rhena, Doc Rose and her friend (newbie), Ruby, Sheryl, TinaTricia, Miss Veronica, Vim, Wilfred
  • Food I Ate: oatmeal cookies (baked by Celina), velvet cupcakes (baked by Tina), caramel bars, toasted siopao, ginger snaps, empanada, turrones de mani, chocolate crinkles, oh well, I ate everything handed to me. I even took home a lot of extra food.

(Photos courtesy of Reev.)



  1. This sounds awesome – Pride and prejudice is one of my favourite books; the Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle tv show of it is amazing! (mostly because you see Colin Firth in a wet & see-through shirt…. but hey :D)


    • I hear you! All of us never fail to gasp when an excess of Colin Firth’s skin is shown. All except our straight male members. :D


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