Day: November 2, 2012

Books To Read: November 2012

Books To Read: November 2012

We still have two more months to go through before the year ends, so I’m giving some considerations for this month’s reading list. I’ll stray away from the usual pick whatever method for this month. First, what books will help me complete my 2012 reading challenge of 52 books? Currently, I’m on my 50th book, so I’m pretty comfortable about the challenge. It’s not that I’m after quantity. If that were the case, I would have increased 52 to 100, which is impossible anyway, given my reading speed and the current state of my attention span. Second, what books will inspire me to return to my normal reading. Since last year, I normally finish four to five books a month, and I’m pretty comfortable with that. I think that reading a very interesting book might make me return to that pace. Third, what books should I be reading? Rather, what is our book club’s book pick for November? Earlier this year, I didn’t think that I would read all our books of the month, but …