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Oh dear, here I go again

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Okay, so what to say? I feel this sort of lassitude concerning my blogging and reading that I cannot concretely describe. Not that I’ve lost my love for blogging, but I can’t seem to care for it as much as I did before. I used to worry myself to illogical extents when I haven’t posted anything for two days. Now, I just shrug it off.

I’d like to think that it’s writer’s block. Or blogger’s block. But really, is there such a thing as that? I’d rather believe that one is unable to write due to lack of inspiration. And there’s inspiration everywhere. Therefore, it’s a problem of how to draw it and not the inability to write per se.

I’ve also been very slack in my reading. I can’t seem to make myself read 20 pages straight without being distracted. It’s fine if such distractions only last a few minutes, but they can take hours. I often find myself researching for the historical context of the novel that I’m reading, only to end up reading tweets that don’t concern me and then playing Tetris Battle. And then I’d remember some chore that I always forget to do, such as my laundry, and when I’m done, I’d be too tired or sleepy to go back to reading.

Reading buddies have been really effective in inspiring me to read since last year, but lately, I feel that it’s no longer helping. I even decided that Anna Karenina will be my last buddy read for the meantime, but with so many bookish friends inviting me to read books together with them, it’s hard to say no.

One of my friends from the book club stopped reading for more than a year. She says that she’s waiting for the reading urge to come back, but she just doesn’t feel it yet. I sure hope that it wouldn’t happen to me, but I can feel it coming. Already, I’m counting the last set of books that I’m thinking of finishing, which are Anna Karenina and Les Miserables. And the upcoming books of the month for our book club. And probably Junot Diaz and Alan Hollinghurst. And Jonathan Franzen and Dave Eggers. And The Man Who Loved Children and If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler and House of Leaves and…

See? I want to read a lot, but I can’t will myself to do as much reading as possible. Probably I’m overwhelming myself with too many books, but aren’t we always guilty of that? I just regret the time wasted on random mindless stuff that could have been better spent in reading or blogging.

I guess I need help? How do you address this situation? Should I sweat over it or should I just let it slide?

And yeah, I’m sorry if I use The Sunday Salon for ranting (even if the Sunday is a couple of hours over from where I am). At least it’s book-related ranting, no?

* * * * *

Even if I’ve been a bad blogger and reader, I still go around looking for books to put on my shelf with the eternal hope of someday reading them. Here are what I got this week:

  • Lord of Misrule by Jaimy Gordon. Php 145.00 at Book Sale – Walter Mart Munoz. October 21.
  • A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. Php 100.00. Sold to me by Ingrid, a book club friend. October 28.


  1. Books in the Burbs says

    I’ve been in a reading slump and not too into blogging like I used to be. I think when it becomes a chore, it is time to take a break. Sometimes, I don’t feel that anyone notices, or is at least understanding, so that helps to not feel so guilty. Acknowledging you are in a slump is a starting point and being okay with it is also important:)


    • Truth is, I took a week-long leave from my work just so I could break away from everything. I thought my work could be the source. Thanks!


  2. I’m going through this same thing right now and I’m trying to read until I find a book that makes me want to blog about it. Lately, I haven’t read a book that makes me want to jump up and write and I think that’s okay. : ) We will wait for you to come back to “normal.”


  3. Hi, Angus. Maybe reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius will take you out of your reading rut. I remember reading it several years ago and I can still recall being blown away by it.


  4. Oh, Eggers. My copy has been sitting on my shelf since I can’t remember. Hahaha! I wonder if I can even read it next year. Sigh.


  5. I can’t imagine stopping reading for a year! Perhaps… You’ve been too concerned about finishing books that it’s now become more of a chore than a hobby? You need to say no to the buddy read invites, then. Kasi that’s what adds to the pressure of finishing books. Remember that this is leisure reading, not pressure reading. ;)


    • I think it’s more of a self-imposed chore and less of the duty brought by reading along with others. I don’t want to blame others when it’s really me. Maybe someone should hit me in the head whenever I play Tetris Battle? :D


  6. Haha! Parang I want to add a triple chos? Joke! Reading and blogging rut seems to be a normal occurrence among readers and bloggers as I’ve read in other groups. Don’t let it bother you most, I guess? One good thing about it is you are aware of the slump you’re in. How was your leave of absence from work, by the way? And, second by the way, IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU AGAIN LAST SUNDAY! :D


    • Yay! It’s always a pleasure meeting you. It means a lot to us that you set aside some of your time to meet us.

      Anyway, I think it helps big time what is going on, but I hope it leads somewhere. And my work leave is being spent well. :D


  7. When you say you’ll have a ‘break,’ it means a break from ‘work.’ Monique is right, just read at your own pace. Oh god, I haven’t been blogging for weeks hehe


    • Oo nga, haha. Is it school? Currently, I’m on a break from any form of work. It feels good doing nothing. I hope this will revitalize me when Monday comes.


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