Day: October 29, 2012

Fiction and Nonfiction

Oh dear, here I go again

Okay, so what to say? I feel this sort of lassitude concerning my blogging and reading that I cannot concretely describe. Not that I’ve lost my love for blogging, but I can’t seem to care for it as much as I did before. I used to worry myself to illogical extents when I haven’t posted anything for two days. Now, I just shrug it off. I’d like to think that it’s writer’s block. Or blogger’s block. But really, is there such a thing as that? I’d rather believe that one is unable to write due to lack of inspiration. And there’s inspiration everywhere. Therefore, it’s a problem of how to draw it and not the inability to write per se. I’ve also been very slack in my reading. I can’t seem to make myself read 20 pages straight without being distracted. It’s fine if such distractions only last a few minutes, but they can take hours. I often find myself researching for the historical context of the novel that I’m reading, only to end up …