Day: October 8, 2012

Cloud Atlas movie banners turned into bookmarks!

Blogging, fangirling, and moviegoing

It’s already Monday and I don’t know if any time zone is still stuck on Sunday but please, let me tag this as a Sunday Salon post. I meant to write it on a Sunday; it’s just that … I was asleep most of the day. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted anything for the whole week. This alarms me because I haven’t been that inactive until now. It depresses me at the same time because I feel deprived of the pleasure that I experience when I post something. Also, I want to get rid of my review backlog before the year ends. Sorry, I can’t not think about it so this inactivity disturbs me. When I think of what caused this week-long hiatus, I came up with three. First, my work is taking over me. I am overwhelmed with tons of things to write that I no longer have the energy to write for pleasure at the end of the day. Second, there’s my new toy (wink, wink). You know how it is when …