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TFG’s Book of the Month for September: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

A stack of cold blood

After some shake-up in our book club, we were able to prove that we will carry on with our book discussions and activities regardless of major changes and the drama associated with it. One moderator resigned from his post, new ones took on the role, and an old member left us abruptly. With all these, it has been exacting month for most of us as far as book club concerns are uhm, concerned.

But anyway, people come and people go. Some may take a break, some may be gone for good. Those who stay are the ones who matter, so it’s better that we not brood over people who left.

This month’s theme is nonfiction, and since most of us are not huge readers of this genre, it was quite a challenge. It’s a good thing though that Truman Capote is both a journalist and a novelist, so reading In Cold Blood, for me, was like reading any other novel that eats most of my book shelf space.

Our discussion leader pushed for a Sunday breakfast despite the numerous protests. She didn’t budge when I explained to her that some members are not available on Sundays because of family and church duties. Oh well, it’s her call. It’s still her show in the end.

All fears of members not showing up were dispelled when one by one, members trickled in. Such fears were rooted from this month’s ruckus (it happened roughly two weeks ago). So yes, we proceeded. Book discussion as usual.

We were back to the traditional pick-a-question mode. However, nonfinishers have the option of “killing” a member; meaning, he or she can choose anyone to answer the drawn question. I picked a question about the effect of the novel’s montage style, whether it helped the development of the novel or not. Again, I was on soupy-brains-mode, much thanks to the Sunday air plus lack of sleep (I sleep very late on Saturdays).

I think the montage thing going on made the novel seem feel like a small town novel instead of one that is focused on the killers. Okay, I forgot the other things that I rattled, but this is actually one of the less significant things that we talked about. We talked about the different facets of the capital punishment. We pondered on justice and forgiveness. And we weighed the controversies surrounding the writing of the novel, such as Capote’s relationship with Perry Smith (whether they were romantically involved or not).

The location of the restaurant where we held the event is quite far, but the food is very affordable. It’s a little hot though, and we had to ask the staff to turn off the TV so that we could hear each other. In Cold Blood isn’t exactly the kind of novel that you talk about on a Sunday morning, but since the Clutters were discovered on one, it quite makes sense that the discussion leader insisted on it.

The Attendees of the Ninth TFG Face to Face Book Discussion

The Attendees of the Ninth TFG Face to Face Book Discussion

In Cold Blood Book Discussion Details

  • Date: September 23, 2012
  • Place: Pan de Amerikana, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
  • Time: 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Attendees: Me, Aaron, AennaAlexa, Beejay, Bennard, CamilleElla (discussion leader), Honey, JL, Josephine (newbie), Maria, Doc Ranee, Reev, Ruby, TinaTricia, Miss Veronica
  • Food I Ate: tocino, fried rice, eggs, watermelon shake, mango shake

And since there were no freebies, I coerced the discussion leader to treat us this delectable treat: bowls of tempura ice cream at Ramen Bar. A welcome replacement for bookmarks, don’t you think?

One more please!

One more please!

(Photos courtesy of  Ella.)



    • It’s fun to be in a book club (I strongly suggest you join one), but of course, we cannot always control the group dynamics. Thanks for dropping by! :)


  1. I’m really glad that you guys had a fruitful discussion despite the very early sked. See you on Saturday, Buddy! Miss na kita. :)


  2. Finally! Someone realized why it was a Sunday morning. It was the day after the crime happened.

    It’s more of the haunting. What do you feel if there is a crime that happened the night before? Do you go on with your “regular duties”? Do you tend to sympathize? Something like that.

    Thanks for blogging this. I liked it. :)


  3. Hi, Angus.

    I have a confession to make. I saw a new edition of In Cold Blood last month at Fully Booked. I couldn’t resist, as it was indeed a pretty cover, so I bought it!

    Although, the fact that you guys chose it as your book for September made me curious about it too. I’ve seen the movie, which I found awesome, but I’ve never bothered with the book.


    • Hi Peter! That’s a pretty cover. Mine is a bit dull, hahaha. I am surprised myself why it won our polls (I was expecting Angela’s Ashes). You should have joined! We were so happy to have Honey in the discussion (about the book and some chismis).

      By the way, which movie did you see? I think there are more than two adaptations. I only saw Capote. I thought it was brilliant, but some say that it’s not the best one.


  4. Those who stay are the ones who matter…

    I had to check if I wrote something about this go/stay thing and yeah, I did — for my Jellicoe Road post! And now to supplement what you said…

    …I’ve realized that while there are some friends who go, there are some who stay. And…isn’t that the more important thing? The people who stay and become a part of your life?

    So yes, you’re right. :) Haha I will quit being sentimental on this comment, and just agree. And say that I really like this post. More tempura ice cream!


    • A perfect way to cap my sentiments on people who pass by and people who become your friends! :)

      Ella! Did you hear that? More!


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