Day: September 23, 2012

Some books in the PoMoProj

The 61 Postmodern Reading Project

A handful of my friends will attempt to read the books included in the 61 essential postmodern reads compiled by LA Times. I jumped in despite my reading and blogging rut because it looks fun. Besides, these are exquisite books. This reading project is spearheaded by Aldrin. He dragged three of us into this: Bennard, Mae, and I. Did I miss anyone? Is there anyone out there who’s interested? I don’t know how one is inducted to this project; perhaps one must have a keen liking for postmodern books. So what then is postmodernism? It’s very hard to put down the set of criteria that makes a book postmodern but I find the play with form and language as key indicators. There’s also the plot, but there are so many postmodern stuff going on out there that I find it hard to distinguish what’s postmodern and what’s not. I must say that this discerning is also part of the fun. This po-mo project is still sketchy. I suggested setting up a separate group blog but we …