Day: September 19, 2012

Home by Marilynne Robinson

Going back to Gilead – Home by Marilynne Robinson

One of my book club friends proclaimed me, with soft pats at my back, the Champion of Marilynne Robinson. Why not? I have read all three of her novels, each of them garnering my 5-stars. I cannot do her novels injustice with the sheer act of weighing the quality of her novels. There should be no second thoughts–give all those stars. And why should I rethink Robinson’s talent when she is the only writer I’ve ever read who can turn an ordinary set of words into a luminous prose powerful enough to create miracles? It somehow enrages me that only one of my book club friends has read her, but at least some are picking my recommendation. They have her books on their respective shelves. That gives me a sense of comfort, allowing me to be hopeful, that the good word about her writing will spread like a gentle breeze sweeping through the city. Her last two novels, Gilead and Home, are novels that deal largely with theology, one of the subject matters that least …