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Google Reader, My Reading Journal, and the Reading Rut

"Wake me up when September ends?" - No way!

The Sunday Salon

Just the other day, I unfollowed every blog that I’m following here at WordPress and moved them over to Google Reader. I know it’s weird, and if you have noticed that, please don’t take it against me. I have transferred every single blog, active or not, so rest assured on the thought that I am still reading your posts. I just think that Google Reader is the most convenient aggregator for me and I might as well use it exclusively.

There are around 125 blogs that I’m currently following, most of them are book blogs by friends, by random people whose books and writing I admire, and by literary publications. I still remember those days when I had to individually visit each blog just to check for updates. That was maybe five years ago; I was still new to blogging and I didn’t know what feeds were then. Now, it’s so easy to keep track of updates with Google Reader. My default view shows blogs with new posts.

Okay, I am not paid by Google to write this. In fact, I wonder why am I even talking about this aside from the announcement that I made about the unfollowing. Sheer boredom, perhaps?

* * * * *

Just this afternoon, I was cleaning my stuff when I suddenly remembered my reading journal. It used to always lie around near my beddings, but now, it’s not even inside the room. I placed it on my book shelf, which is at the living room.

So I looked for it to check out the last time I made notes on the books that I’m reading. I religiously wrote something on it until July. There are more than ten consecutive pages left blank for that month. For August, the blank pages came in randomly. And September?

It’s totally blank. So I guess I will have to abandon this reading journal. No, I have already abandoned this habit, which isn’t such a bad thing because I still have this blog, no? But I wonder, will the time that I will stop blogging about books come? Some of the bloggers that I’m following already did. It’s not that I no longer have time for book blogging or that I am tired of it. It’s just that it could happen. I have abandoned my personal blog after maintaining it for five years. But that’s a different story.

So yes, as long as there are books to buy, books to read, books to discuss, this blog shall remain.

* * * * *

Speaking of books to read, I’ve been battling this reading rut that has been pestering me since the previous month. I know I’ve already discussed this in one of my previous posts, but I can’t help talking about it. It must be the change of environment. You see, I used to live only with my college buddy who is usually not around. I had all the peace and quiet needed for a lot of reading. That was two months ago.

Now, there are five of us sharing the house. My college buddy is still with us, but the other three, including me, are mainstays in the house. They usually knock at my room to chat or smoke or invite me to go out or whatnot. So yes, it looks like my reading life was slightly damaged by these social activities, which is not so bad. I enjoy being with my housemates, but sometimes, I miss the times when I could just read on and on until my stomach starts screaming for food.

Actually, I have been able to deal with the new living arrangement. I now read as much as I can while on my way to work on the bus, whenever they are not around, and before I sleep. But still, there are distractions that keep popping in. Some Facebook games have been taking over my attention. There’s Farm Town (it’s different from Farm Ville) and Tetris Battle. I usually find myself playing these games first to condition my mind only to end up playing for hours and hours.

And when I’m done playing, I realize that so much time went wasted by this form of entertainment. I daresay it’s unproductive use of one’s time. What would it matter if I leveled up on either game? And yet, I can’t help it.

Perhaps the previous months had been so filled with too much reading that I am fascinated by these games (actually, these are games that I used to play before). But I figure that I don’t want this. I should start motivating myself. Sure, I’d still play these games, but I’d only allot my weekend time for them, no? That way, there would still be a sense of balance.

And since it’s a weekend, I’ll take a little peek at my farms and check if I have enough on my Energy Bar to play a few more challenges.

* * * * *

It’s been a melancholy day today, and I realized just now that it’s my grandma’s 11th death anniversary. I was gazing at the sky this afternoon, and look: it’s raining somewhere.

"It's raining." - Reminds me of The Social Network

“It’s raining.” – Reminds me of The Social Network

The two have no relation with each other. I’m just saying. Sorry, I have no intention of reactivating my personal blog, so allow me this little indulgence.



    • Hi Deb! Thanks for dropping by. :)

      Unfortunately, I don’t have an e-reader. I still can’t let go of my paper books, so I have to do everything manually. And I can’t write on my books, so I have to do the note-taking on a separate journal.


  1. I’m new to using an aggregator too Angus. At the moment I’m using the WordPress one and google reader because I don’t yet have a feel for which works best. I thought I read somewhere ant google reader being discontinued but not sure if I understood correctly..


  2. I haven’t been in the habit of jotting down notes as I read, since I review a book immediately afterward. But sometimes, an excerpt will grab me and I have to make a note so I won’t forget to quote it.

    I’m having a heck of a time entering this comment. I can’t see what I’m writing!


    I know many love Google readers…


    • I still visit the actual blogs. Whenever I see new posts on Google Reader, I click the links. Besides, some feeds only show an excerpt of the post.


  3. I know what you mean about blogrolls. I struggle with it everyday. Do I trim down, add? Sheesh I am lazy.

    As for a reader journal. Answer: post-its. I have these teeny ones that I use as bookmarks and for notetaking – mainly just points that strike my fancy. The blog is the journal, I guess.


    • My problem with post-its is that they can be easily mistaken for … trash? Hahaha. Reading journals are cool because you don’t have to mind an audience. Besides, when I go turn on the computer for blogging, most of the preliminary thoughts on the book have already slipped away.


  4. Monique says

    That’s why if you noticed my blogroll, it’s set up in such a way that the title of the most recent post is also displayed. Para I only open the blogs that have updates, OR I open the recent entries themselves na lang. :)


    • WordPress blog rolls kasi are merely link lists. So if I were dependent on them, it would take me forever clicking every single item. @_@


  5. Life interferes with reading, does it not? 5 roommates could be distracting. I use google reader & find it a useful tool. I like your photo of the rain storm, great shot.


    • Thanks! I wanted to capture the rays of the sun on the other side of the dark clouds, only that my camera’s lenses aren’t that powerful.


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