Day: September 9, 2012

"Wake me up when September ends?" - No way!

Google Reader, My Reading Journal, and the Reading Rut

Just the other day, I unfollowed every blog that I’m following here at WordPress and moved them over to Google Reader. I know it’s weird, and if you have noticed that, please don’t take it against me. I have transferred every single blog, active or not, so rest assured on the thought that I am still reading your posts. I just think that Google Reader is the most convenient aggregator for me and I might as well use it exclusively. There are around 125 blogs that I’m currently following, most of them are book blogs by friends, by random people whose books and writing I admire, and by literary publications. I still remember those days when I had to individually visit each blog just to check for updates. That was maybe five years ago; I was still new to blogging and I didn’t know what feeds were then. Now, it’s so easy to keep track of updates with Google Reader. My default view shows blogs with new posts. Okay, I am not paid by Google …