Day: August 26, 2012

Nobel laureates, again

Adopting books, again

My only bookish friend outside our book club is moving back to the province. He has trouble transporting all his books so he asked me to take care some of them for a while. I couldn’t say no because first, I love his books (we have similar tastes) and second, I want to help him out. I don’t know how long his books will stay with me but he mentioned that he’ll take some of them home a bunch at a time. I placed all of them at the top of my book shelf. You see, I cannot mix them with my books because I am so near to having shelving problems. I guess I would need another book shelf next year unless stacking the books higher will not cause so much trouble. A ladder would be what I’ll need instead then. And yes, he gave me a couple of books. Here they are: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – just in time! This our book club’s pick for November. My bookish little buddy Atty. …