Day: August 19, 2012

From Angus, with love

My First Vlog

The Sunday Salon

Okay, so I’m not really into video blogging. In fact, I haven’t ever checked video logs, so why this post?

A little background: I’m not comfortable recording myself. It’s like talking to yourself since you are talking to an audience who has yet to become an audience. Not that I’m saying it’s not healthy talking to one’s self; I actually believe the contrary. In fact, I always catch myself mumbling random stuff as if I were two people having a very heated yet subdued conversation.

Talking out loud to be heard and understood is not the same as mumbling inaudibly. Another thing, it takes some guts to post a video of yourself yakking on and on for the rest of the netizens to see (and finding out for the first time that you have a lot of weird facial mannerisms: the sudden rolling of eyeballs, the scratching of your nape, the leftward jutting of your lips, the arching of your eyebrows, and so on).

I suppose this is the same with most activities; if you are not used to something, expect a little disorientation. At first, I could never read with the music at full blast. Just this morning, I was on a road trip with my friends. I told them not to disturb me, but still, Spice Girls songs were blasting the speakers. It was futile to keep my ear plugs on, but I didn’t take them off anyway for an effect. And what do you know? I found myself controlling my tear ducts when I got to the middle part of 84, Charing Cross Road.

I could have finished the book in one sitting, only that I stopped myself for I realized that I wouldn’t have anything else to read on the way back home. And on the reverse trip, I wasn’t able to finish it because I fell asleep.

And I digress, as always. Perhaps I could be excused since this is a Sunday Salon post? And…

Can we just get to that vlog?

I know that sucks. I’m not auditioning for a talent show or something, so I didn’t bother to make myself presentable (I was about to sleep). But I should have worked on the audio or the background? I can’t do much about the audio (I used the record function of my point-and-shoot camera), but maybe I should have shot that at a better location, like in front of my book shelf? What do you think? Any tips for possible vlogs in the future? Do I have to practice? Should I prepare a script? And yes, what do you think of vlogs in general?

Anyway, I’d like to congratulate again Atty. Lynai. Hurray!